Solar Power System Components

Buying solar power system components and energy storage equipment can be a substantial investment. However, a wise purchase decision is one that can serve you well for many years.

The prospect of obtaining FREE solar quotes from Energy Matters becomes a valuable tool in shaping your sustainable energy journey, ensuring that your investment aligns seamlessly with your long-term goals and contributes to a greener and more energy-efficient future.

Multi-award winning Energy Matters supplies only the best from the best to our residential, commercial and wholesale customers via our trusted solar retail & manufacturing partners.

Whether it’s components such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries or inverters and framing systems, we have all the leading brands. And the backing to ensure you not only get good value for money, but also excellence in after-sales support


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Solar Panels

Top solar panels from top brands including REC, LONGi, and GoodWe. All proven to excel in Australia’s harsh conditions and provide an excellent return on your investment. Find out how many solar panels can you place on your roof.

Solar Inverters

We only use and supply tried and tested solar/battery inverters and microinverters from leading brands such as Enphase, and Fronius.


Battery Systems

New generation battery storage systems from SENEC, and Tesla, plus deep cycle batteries. Get the most from your Renewable Energy System.

Solar Hot Water

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems, plus heat pumps from our trusted partners. Get a quote.

Wind Energy

Wind power is a clean energy source that we can rely on for the long-term future. Read more

Mounting Systems

Racking systems for rooftop, pole and ground mount, using Australian designed and manufactured SunLock.

Need assistance in choosing components for your home or commercial solar power system, or do you have a wholesale solar enquiry?

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