Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive electric – that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than petrol cars. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products. Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.


Buy Tesla Powerwall: the next generation, revolutionary home battery for Australia that helps you make the most your solar panels by storing energy for when you need it, at night or during an outage.

solar power + tesla powerwall 2 deal available

Tesla Powerwall  is a fully integrated battery that powers your home when your solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity to supply your appliances. For example, in the evenings or on dark, cloudy days.

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Get a quote for solar + Tesla Powerwall 2

Upgrade with a Tesla Powerwall 2 today


Energy Matters’ was a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer and has sought out a handful of Australia’s leading battery installers. This means your battery purchase will be supported by highly trained and qualified technicians who are required by Tesla to provide you with a superb level of customer service.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Certified Installer

We commenced installing household battery systems in Australia since 2006. We have the experience and the people to ensure that when you buy Tesla Powerwall that it is installed for optimal performance. Due to this, you can buy with confidence! Contact us to learn more.


The new Tesla Powerwall AC has an inbuilt DC-AC inverter, simplifying installation and reducing install costs.


In addition to comprising of state-of-the-art components and backed by a solid 10-year warranty, Powerwall has several features crucial in a top-quality home battery for Australian conditions.

  • Solar self-consumption
  • Backup power
  • Time Based Control
  • Off grid


Tesla Powerwall has 13.5 kWh of usable energy storage capacity and an output capability of 7kW peak and 5kW continuous.

The battery has a 90% round-trip efficiency. Up to ten batteries may be installed together at one property, for homes or small/medium businesses with greater energy needs.

The wall or floor mounted system enables Powerwall units to be “stacked” using a special frame.


Older generations of deep-cycle (home) batteries can be dangerous in the hands of inexperienced users. This is because they are bulky, expensive to install and difficult to maintain.

In contrast, Powerwall’s lithium ion battery use Tesla’s proven technology to power your home safely and economically. And it requires no maintenance!

The system is “touch-safe”, with no live wires or bulky vents.


Tesla leads the way with aesthetics, but don’t let its streamlined good looks fool you. The enclosure has a rating for outdoor as well as indoor installations. It can handle whatever Australian conditions throw at it.

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC


Monitor your solar electricity use in real-time from your iPhone or Android smart mobile device via the Tesla App.


If you buy Tesla Powerwall, you’ll find it can now be even more easily added to many existing solar power systems. This is thanks to its in-built DC-AC inverter. A separate battery inverter is not required.


Certification Powerwall will be compliant with relevant Australian safety and electrical standards at market launch.

TechnologyRechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control.
13.5 kWh usable capacity
For daily cycle applications
Warranty10 years
Efficiency90% round-trip efficiency
Power7kW peak / 5kW continuous
CompatibilitySingle phase and three phase utility grid compatible.
Grid Frequency50 and 60 HZ
Operating Temperature-20°C to 50°C
Operating Temperature-20°C to 50°C
Ingress Rating
IP67 (Battery & Power Electronics)
IP56 (Wiring)
EnclosureRated for indoor and outdoor installation in Australia.
InstallationWall or floor mount
Requires installation by a trained electrician.
Weight122 kg
Dimensions1150mm x 755mm x 155mm
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G
Additional SpecsDownload the Tesla Powerwall Datasheet

*Terms and conditions apply.

Please note: Due to limited stock availability in Australia and logistics requirements, battery installations outside of the following metropolitan areas will be subject to consideration.

Note: Eligibility subject to site inspection and review of existing system conditions and standards. Full replacement of the inverter might affect your solar feed in tariff eligibility. Powerwall installation offers are available in selected Australian metropolitan areas only. We do not guarantee any savings or that any savings will occur immediately after completion of system installation.

** Eligibility criteria applies upon application with a third party payment plan provider. Actual payment amounts, payment plan term, interest rates and fees and charges payable available upon application with a third party payment plan provider. Other fees and charges may also apply. Offer available through selected distribution partners. Contact us to find out the price of the Powerwall battery now.

Tesla Powerpack

Note that Tesla Powerwall is the Tesla home battery solution. For business and commercial use, the Tesla product is the Powerpack.

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Energy Matters can supply Tesla powerwall to residential and commercial customers as part of full systems. We also supply Tesla powerwall to installers throughout Australia via our wholesale distribution channel.