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You can save thousands of dollars on installing solar panels if you qualify for a solar rebate, subsidy or grant.

For example, the Victorian Solar Homes program will be extended for 2023. Please find out more about the program by visiting our Victorian Solar homes program page.

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme can save you thousands of dollars on a solar panel system. Learn more about incentives and solar panel rebate programs for home system installations.

Remote location? Switch on to renewable energy and get substantial incentives in the form of a point of sale discount or STCs – save thousands!

Solar incentives for small business

Solar incentives for small business

Current business incentives include tax breaks, RECs, feed in tariffs and other forms of support. Save a bundle!

Check out our pages to learn more about business solar energy incentives in Victoria, South Australia, NT and ACT.

If you’re considering installing a solar power system 20kW capacity or larger, this page shows some of the many rebates, incentives and financing options available.

Using solar hot water not only means ongoing savings in water heating, but generous government solar hot water rebates can save you a ton of money on your initial purchase!

The Renewable Energy Water Pumping scheme provides rebates for the renewable energy components of water pumping systems that displace diesel engine powered pumps in off-grid applications.

A feed-in tariff is a premium rate paid for electricity fed back into the mains grid by a rooftop solar power system. You can sell electricity back to the power company!

Solar cities initiative

Residents of participating Australian solar cities are offered financial incentives and support, the level and type of benefits varying from project to project.

Information on rebates, grants and other subsidies to support the purchase of battery systems.

Rebates summary

A summary of the various solar rebates programs is below. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Energy Matters team for expert advice on rebates that may apply to you!

In addition to rebates and renewable energy certificates, find out how your system installation could be financed and generate income for you with the help of the Feed in Tariff (FiT)!

Rebates for home solar power installations

Solar credits

The Solar Credits Program or Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is still in effect and can save you a substantial amount on installing a grid connected  PV system! Homeowners, small businesses and community groups are all eligible for this Australian solar panel subsidy, and no one is means tested under the scheme.

  • more information on the solar panel credits program
  • more general information about grid connect PV

Get a quick Energy storage subsidies or buy a solar power system for your home

Remote and off-grid home solar rebates

Subsidies are also available for installing stand alone power systems under the Solar Credits program.

  • more information on Solar Credits for off-grid systems
  • more general information about solar panels for remote homes
  • Solar grants and rebates for schools
    While government grants are no longer available; schools can still benefit from the Solar Credits rebate.

Solar rebates for churches & community buildings

  • Churches and community buildings are also covered under the Solar Credits program

    • more information about grid connect systems for churches and community buildings

Solar rebates and incentives for small business

  • Business owners can save substantially on the price of a grid connect solar power system installation through the Solar Credits up front discount! Other incentive programs covering business situations currently include huge tax breaks, RECs and feed in tariffs.

Commercial scale solar incentives

For businesses considering installing a solar power system of 20kW capacity or greater, tax breaks and STC’s are available, along with some industry specific assistance and also low interest rate loans. More information on commercial scale solar incentives.

Solar water pumping for remote areas

  • The Renewable Energy Water Pumping Sub-Program provides rebates for the renewable energy components of water pumps that displace diesel engine powered pumps in off-grid applications.

    Rebates of 40% of the capital cost of the renewable energy components minus $1,000 are available to applicants that fully comply with the eligibility requirements and procedures outlined in the guidelines.

    • more information on RRPGP Water Pumping Sub Program
    • more general information about solar for water pumping
    • Rebates for solar hot water

      Solar hot water systems may be eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which are usually exchanged with retailers for a point-of-sale discount on systems. You may also be eligible for state government rebates.

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