Being out in the bush doesn’t mean you miss out on solar power rebates and incentives! While the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program (RRPGP) ended some years ago, the Solar Credits subsidy is still available so off grid solar power rebates are available.

This page contains information on off grid solar power rebates for:

  • households,
  • communities,
  • not-for-profits,
  • business,
  • government
  • and other organisations

in remote areas of Australia far from a mains electricity power supply.

off grid solar power rebates (remote solar rebates)

Solar Credits incentive

On Thursday, June 24 2010, legislation passed for Australia’s enhanced Renewable Energy Target. As part of this legislation, financial incentives are available for people installing off grid solar power systems.

Households and businesses installing systems on buildings are eligible to receive the Solar Credits subsidy. The savings can amount to thousands of dollars for large systems. The system is based on Renewable Energy Certificates; more recently referred to as small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

Solar Credits off grid guidelines

  • The system must be an eligible small-scale solar panel system (or wind or hydro)
  • The system installation must be at an eligible premises.
  • It must be a new and full system

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

RECs/STCs issue from the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator. They ensure that Australian Government meets its Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) of 20% by 2020.

Off grid solar power rebates

Renewable Energy Certificates are provided when an eligible off grid wind energy or solar power system is installed. These RECs can be cashed in and the value of the certificates vary. Determining eligibility and calculating the value of RECs for your intended off grid equipment purchase can be somewhat of a complex process, so contact our team for free, no-obligation advice.