Sigenergy Solar and Battery solutions
Sigenergy Solar and Battery solutions

Sigenergy Inverter, Battery, EV Charger, and Solar Solutions

Established in 2022, Sigenergy is a forward-thinking company committed to advancing home and business energy solutions. The company’s offerings include cutting-edge products like energy storage systems, solar inverters, and electric vehicle chargers. A distinguished research and development team, comprising hundreds of industry experts, shares the vision of promoting environmental sustainability through continuous innovation.

By incorporating the latest power electronics, digital technologies, and artificial intelligence, Sigenergy develops next-generation energy products with optimal safety features. With a global presence in sales and services, the company aspires to be recognised as the most reliable partner for customers on their journey towards a more sustainable future.

Sigenergy PV inverter

Founded 2022

12GW Power production capacity

500+ Employees

7 Global offices

70% R&D Personnel

Sigenergy Products

SigenStor | AI-optimized 5-in-one energy storage system

The revolutionary 5 in One Home ESS combines a Solar Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS into a powerful integrated energy system. Designed for a smart and seamless experience, its versatility accommodates various energy usage scenarios. The stylish front eagle eye and side ambient lighting seamlessly blend with any surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

  • 1-6 Battery modules stackable
  • 5-48KWh Capacity range per stack
  • 110wh/kg High energy density
  • 280 Ah large capacity battery cells, long cycle life
  • 5-layer comprehensive battery safety protection
  • Multi system boot-up sources, uninterrupted usage
  • 25 kW Bi-directional charging
  • V2X Ready
  • Virtual Grid expansion
  • 100% Green power charging
  • 15mins Stackable Installation
  • 5mins Fast commissioning
  • 2mins OTA system upgrade
  • 1-click Full system scan
  • AI assisted Energy Planning
  • AI assisted VPP Scheduling
  • Al assisted Safety Protection
  • AI assisted Service Support
  • IP66 protection rating, install anywhere

Utilise the SigenStor DC-coupled charging module to directly charge your EV with clean solar energy, harnessing the power of the sun.

Additionally, this module empowers you to leverage your EV’s energy, whether for supporting your home during an outage or contributing energy back to the grid, giving you the flexibility to decide.

Sigen Hybrid Inverter 3.0 - 6.0kW Single Phase

Loaded with safety features, the Sigen Hybrid Inverter facilitates the convenient addition of Sigen Battery when expanding your solar system for enhanced energy storage. Transition seamlessly from a PV inverter to energy storage systems whenever ready, unlocking the complete potential of solar energy. The process is intuitively straightforward – effortlessly stack battery packs into your existing inverter and secure licensing from Sigenergy.

  • Battery ready
  • Future proof
  • Plug-and-play
  • Lower Investment
  • Up to 4 MPP Tracker
  • Up to 16A MPPT current
  • Up to 2 DC/AC ratio
  • IP66 Protection Rating
  • DC Ground-fault Protection
  • Long Distance Detection AFCI
  • Real-time Status Monitoring
  • One-click System Diagnosis
  • Versatile Service Assistant

Featuring up to 4 MPP trackers to optimize energy harvesting and a sturdy Max 16A MPPT current, the Sigen Hybrid Inverter guarantees comprehensive coverage for all PV panels in a roof setting. With a DC/AC ratio reaching up to 2, it attains superior efficiency, maximizing power yield for a more sustainable energy solution.

Elevate your energy experience with the mySigen App. Commissioning is streamlined to just 5 minutes, and any system issues can be instantly identified through a simple one-click diagnosis. This app, powered by GPT-4, serves as your after-sales engineer, energy analyst, and device management assistant.

Sigen Hybrid Inverter 3.0 - 6.0kW Single Phase

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