Open Homes Australia Season 7 Episode 3: Sigenergy’s SigenStor Energy Storage System Dazzles

Sigenergy features their outstanding SigenStor 5-in-One Energy Storage System in the latest episode of Open Homes Australia
Will and Roshan

The power of Sigenergy’s 5-in-One Energy Storage System solution, the SigenStor, was on full display in episode 3 of Open Homes Australia. Roshan toured an enormous property in Panton Hill, VIC. Homeowner Albert is powering his home, and pool, with a huge solar system and the SigenStor solution.

Grand wine-region home built in just 6 months

Amongst the awe-inspiring features and aesthetics of the Panton Hill property is the amazing fact that the home was constructed in just 6 months! This feat was achieved with an army of 100 contractors under the watchful eye of Albert; the homeowner and a property developer.

The home looks and feels like it has always existed against the backdrop of Victoria’s wine region. Hints of stone, timber, and earthy tones ground this grand home and welcome you into its many incredible rooms. 

One of its grandest features is the infinity pool, which invites you to absorb the breathtaking views. Powering the pool is the enormous solar system installed across the many faces of the home’s roof. But the real magic happens with how the solar energy is used and stored thanks to the mega Sigenergy SigenStor installation!

5-in-One energy storage system managing the home’s energy usage

Roshan caught up with Will Hall, Managing Director of Sigenergy APAC, in a purpose-built room of the Panton Hill home. This room is home to eight SigenStors! 

“What your viewers are probably going to want to know about is the fact that the batteries are probably the safest batteries in the industry,” stated Will.

The Sigenergy SigenStor

Australians have been begging for an all-in-one solution for going solar, and Sigenergy’s SigenStor offers most of what the average Aussie home needs. Save for the solar panels themselves, the SigenStor provides every facet needed to power your home and even your car: A hybrid inverter, battery storage, EV charging (bi-directional), an energy monitoring system, and a battery power conversion system.

The SigenStor is modular and can have the following components included:

  • Sigen Hybrid Inverter: A powerful single or three-phase inverter with an incredible output efficiency of up to 98.5%
  • Sigen Battery: Stackable batteries with 5 – 48kWh of battery storage per SigenStor
  • Sigen DC Charging: A powerful EV charger that offers V2H and V2G capability. V2X ready!

When battery safety is paramount

Many homeowners are hesitant to add battery storage to their solar systems, and it often comes down to safety. With safety at the fore, Sigenergy has developed the Sigen Shield. The Sigen Shield comprises 5 layers of protection including fire extinguishers and 7 temperature sensors. The system also incorporates AI to monitor the batteries in real time. 

A solution for most Aussie homes

Going solar couldn’t be easier with Sigenergy. The modular and stackable design allows you to design the system you want now with the option to add to it in the future. As your energy needs increase, and the addition of EVs becomes a reality for your home, SigenStor is poised to offer solutions to keep your home sustainable and saving you money.

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