Sigenergy SigenStor Approved by the CEC – Eligible for STCs

The 5-in-One Sigenergy SigenStor has been CEC approved - making the energy storage system more attractive than ever for homeowners.
Sigenergy SigenStor CEC Approved

In fantastic news for homeowners, the SigenStor from Sigenergy has become more affordable thanks to its newfound status of CEC-approved. The powerful 5-in-One energy storage system is now eligible for STCs for the 5 and 6kW single-phase models, which will shave hundreds off the cost of the system. With further approval expected over the coming weeks and months, Australian homeowners are poised to reap the benefits of the SigenStor.

Benefits of the SigenStor 5-in-One energy storage system

Stand in a room with the SigenStor and you’ll see immediately why the industry is abuzz! The 5-in-One system integrates a solar inverter, battery storage, DC EV charging, energy monitoring, and battery management. A first of its kind!

The system provides homeowners with the ability to combine all the solar components not found on your roof into one compact unit. Where you would ordinarily have separate installations for each of the components, the footprint is condensed to one gorgeous standing unit. The Sigenstor is modular, meaning that you can add and stack what you need – up to 6 battery modules!

Outside of the aesthetics and footprint, the SigenStor is loaded with features that not only make it industry-leading safe but incredibly intuitive. 5 layers of battery safety are integrated, with automatic fire extinguishers providing you peace of mind. Chat GPT-4 manages your electricity production and consumption – seamlessly ensuring that your system is optimised to provide your home the energy it needs when it needs it.

SigenStor with DC EV Charger. Source: Sigenergy

You can see the SigenStor in an impressive Victorian installation seen on Open Homes Australia in the video below.

What is CEC approval and why does it matter?

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) provides Australians with a trusted process by which the electrical components installed on homes and businesses are scrutinised and assessed for safety and compliance. Components without CEC approval are not eligible for federal or most state incentives. This means that the upfront cost of your system will be far greater should you wish to install non-CEC-approved components. 

The 5 and 6kW single-phase SigenStor has been approved by the CEC and will now be eligible for STCs. However, Victorians will need to wait a little longer for Solar Victoria approval. The 8 and 10kW single-phase, as well as the 5-30kW three-phase models and DC EV charger, are in the CEC approval process and should be fully approved within a month.

SigenStor VPP integration

In other exciting news, The SigenStor will be able to join the Evergen VPP through Amber – with Catch Power VPP soon to follow. VPP integration is yet another way for SigenStor owners to save money and contribute to their community. 

Sigenergy expects the SigenStor to be approved for integration into other VPPs soon.

We could not be more excited to see Australians install their very own SigenStor to power their homes. With bidirectional charging expected to be rolled out across Australia over the coming year, many Aussie homes will become mini powerplants. Self-sufficiency has never been more realistic and SigenStor will undoubtedly be at the centre of many Aussie home power plants!

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