Open Homes Australia Episode 5 Season 7: Sungrow Battery and Inverter Technology in the Spotlight

Sungrow’s inverter and battery technology took centre stage as we were given some insight into transforming a home into a mini power plant in the latest episode of Open Homes Australia.
Roshan and Bec Douros in Williamstown

Generating your own electricity has never been easier. Bec Douros showed us how in the latest episode of Open Homes Australia. Roshan was given the grand tour of Bec’s newly renovated home. Part of that tour included spotting an Energy Matters’ recommended installation. Sungrow’s inverter and battery technology took centre stage as we were given some insight into transforming a home into a mini power plant.

A forever home designed to be future-proof

Bec and George are no strangers to design and construction. The former The Block contestants have been busy building a family and a new home was the next challenge on the agenda. Their renovated Williamstown home features all the mod-cons a young family needs. From a pool to a kid’s entertainment room, the home was certainly planned with the future needs of the family in mind. One of those needs was addressed with the help of Energy Matters.

While planning was underway for the renovations, Bec approached Roshan with her family’s needs; a solar and storage system that will reduce the household’s electricity bills. Energy Matters delivered with the recommendation of Sungrow for the inverter and battery components and Specialized Solar & Electrical for the installation.

Sungrow inverter and battery storage

When designing the system for the Douros family, careful attention was given to the family’s daily energy usage and future needs. A large 8kW solar system was chosen to provide the family with between 24-30kWh of solar generation per day. All the excess energy will be stored in the 9.6kWh battery storage unit, for use at night, on cloudy days, and during blackouts.

Sungrow hybrid inverter

Installed in the home is a 6kW Sungrow Hybrid Inverter, providing 8kW of solar to the home. The single-phase inverter seamlessly switches to backup mode in the event of a blackout, providing the home electricity stored in the battery. The built-in energy monitoring system allows homeowners to customise how the inverter and battery deliver electricity to the home.  Homeowners can track and monitor usage via an app or directly on the inverter via the built-in LCD screen.

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter
Sungrow Hybrid Inverter. Source: Sungrow

Sungrow battery storage

The energy needs of homes and families change over time, which makes the Sungrow SBR series battery a game-changer. The modular design allows for up to 8 modules in a single unit or a total of 4 units in parallel – a whopping 100kWh of battery storage! Each module is 3.2kWh, with a minimum of 3 modules in a battery storage unit. As your energy needs increase, you can add additional modules. The plug-and-play design means that adding storage won’t break the bank. The high-performance battery allows for 30A of continuous charging and discharging and 100% usable energy. This means that there’s no loss of electricity in the storage – what you put into it is what you will get out!

Sungrow SBR Battery
Sungrow SBR Series Battery. Source: Sungrow

For homes with plans to add EV charging to the mix, the SBR series battery is the perfect solution to meet your future energy needs. This is perfect for the Douros family as George has plans to purchase an EV soon.

Transforming your home into a mini power plant

The aim for all Australian detached homes should be to become self-sufficient. Battery storage, along with solar, EV charging, and all-electric appliances will allow you to move away from the grid and rely on the electricity your home generates.

With the help of Sungrow technology, the Douros family home is on a path towards transforming into a mini power plant. Generating your own electricity, and relying less and less on the grid, means that you’ll be saving money whilst heavily reducing your environmental impact.

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