Renovate or Rebuild Episode 8 Recap: Sungrow’s Solar Inverter and Battery Storage Solution Shines in the Season Finale

Norm demonstrates how solar and batteries work with beer

All good things must come to an end, and season 2 of Renovate or Rebuild said farewell with a bang last Saturday. With an unexpected twist, a clever use of beer to demonstrate solar savings with Sungrow by Norm, and a grand reveal of the finished home, episode 8 did not disappoint!

Shifting times made for a surprising twist

Last week, we were shown a Californian bungalow that the overseas homeowners decided to renovate. In a surprise twist, the home in Sydney’s Earlwood was decidedly sold due to increasing cost of living pressures. Instead, the homeowners decided to renovate their investment property in Ashfield. With a manageable mortgage, and a view to renovate the home for future family use, the 1876 heritage-listed home was chosen as the replacement for this episode of Renovate or Rebuild.

The terrace home had a facade that could not be altered due to its heritage listing. Instead, the focus would be on improving the existing home and adding a modern extension to the rear. With minimal side access, and working with an old and aging home, this renovation would prove to be a little more tricky than expected!

Cheers to Sungrow’s home energy solution

Roshan, our CEO, took Norm on a tour of a breathtaking home with a future-proof solar and battery storage system. Sungrow’s solar inverter and 19.2kWh of battery storage were chosen for this home. The Sungrow modular battery system allows you to expand your storage capacity as your energy needs increase. The Sungrow High Voltage SGR-SBR Battery Module is a stackable 3.2kWh system. The home in this episode features a whopping 6 modules but could have as many as 4 stacks. 

Fascinated by home energy storage, Norm utilised his favourite beverage to provide a clear demonstration of how solar storage works. Using beer, he lined up multiple glasses and filled them with varying amounts to demonstrate household energy consumption across the hours of the day. While your solar system produces electricity during the day, a home’s peak energy usage is usually in the early morning and at night. By storing and using your solar energy in a battery, you can use the electricity at the time your home needs it the most, maximising your savings. Watch the video below for the full demonstration!

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Passive home, still the solution for the new renovation

Enlisted to act on behalf of the homeowners were project manager Joesph and architect Jodie. Jodie’s initial plan for a passive home was still on the table, and the team got to work investigating products and options for the new renovation.

Bondor SolarSpan provides an all-in-one solution

Achieving a passive home requires a lot of guided choices, and Jess was on the case. Situated in Kellyville, NSW was a renovated home that enlisted a number of design choices to maintain a consistent 20 – 25°C all year round. One such choice was SolarSpan by Bondor. This pre-fabricated roofing panel comes prepared with insulation. The extremely long panels do not require any additional support to span vast areas on a roof. The sturdy design was specifically manufactured for Australia’s tough climate. 

Gimbal downlights transforming spaces and homes

Many see downlights as simple and boring, but Beacon Lighting has a range that will surely change your mind! Movable downlights, also known as gimbles, allow you to direct light to where it is needed. The range includes different colours, materials, and designs for any and all spaces.

Doors and windows to keep the heat and cool in and the sound out

Jess headed to the home of a young family who had stunning windows and doors installed by Prestige Plus and Deceuninck. The uPVC materials insulate the home and provide gorgeous aesthetics with their range of materials, including a natural timber look.

Ceiling fans for all spaces and decor

James explored the wide range of ceiling fans available from Fanco Australia. From mid-century modern to Hamptons style and timber tones, Fanco has a range of fans to suit your aesthetic. With many colours and styles, including light and no-light options, there’s sure to be a fan for your needs.

The final reveal

Before season 2 drew to a close, it did not come without its hiccups. The builders tasked with overhauling the home found 4 layers of foundation under the new site of the extension! This added to the cost and the delivery timeframe. Impacting the delivery time was also the kitchen benchtop. With the present issue with silica benchtops, the homeowners, project manager, and architect all opted for a porcelain benchtop instead. While this did extend the build time, Jess, Norm, and James all got a sneak peak of the work-in-progress.

While the exterior remained untouched, the inside had a lot of work done to preserve its characteristics while enhancing the spaces. Ceiling roses were crafted to reflect the 1876 style and the floors and doors were coloured to bring out strong tones across the home.

Stepping into the new, yet unfinished, extension, the trio were delighted to find that the new living areas, kitchen, and study were all illuminated by the new courtyard plus the strategically placed windows and doors. A Heat Recovery (HRV) System was also added to achieve the passive deign.

The final renovation cost came in at $580,000.

The season ended with Norm’s challenge. He lost the renovation or rebuild competition and found himself in a beauty parlour getting his torso waxed! Jess surely knows how to dish out a punishment!


We have loved watching and being inspired by the homes and products on Renovate or Rebuild. Choosing environmentally friendly and concious products future-proofs your home and reduces your carbon footprint. We cannot wait to see what season 3 has in store!

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