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Energy Matters has been a stalwart of the renewable energy industry for over a decade, so if we don’t have an answer to your question on our website, please reach out and we’ll do our best to help!

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If you have a question regarding solar quotes provided through Energy Matters, please contact us via phone or email (see below).

Solar Installations

If you have a query regarding the installation of a solar system/battery as a result of a free quote provided by Energy Matters, please contact your solar installer. Energy Matters provides a free solar quote service but does not install solar. Please see below for ‘Energy Matters is no longer a solar retailer’ if your query is in regards to a system installed by Energy Matters (retailer) prior to August 2019.

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Energy Matters is No Longer a Solar Retailer

Energy Matters ceased operation as a solar retailer in 2019. Flex (previous owner of Energy Matters) closed its wholesale and retail residential solar operations in Australia.

Globally, Flex is a Fortune 500 company with over 200,000 employees in over 30 countries. Flex is at the forefront of technology, innovation, engineering and manufacturing. As part of its strategy, Flex is constantly exploring the best ways to support its customers and stakeholders in each of its chosen markets. The decision to cease residential solar operations in Australia was part of Flex’s broader global strategy to drive innovation in renewable energy.

Whilst the business has ceased taking new orders, please be advised that Flex is committed to supporting its existing customers and as such will continue to honour its warranty obligations. In this regard, the warranty on your installed solar system will now be serviced by Skybridge, a national third-party provider of field service solutions well known in the Australian market. Accordingly, should you have an enquiry about your system under warranty, you should now contact Skybridge through the following means:

Email: flex.warranty@skybridge.com.au
Phone: 133 SUN (133 786)

Please have your relevant customer number, installation details and your case ID (if applicable) available to provide to the Skybridge team. Skybridge has been provided all relevant customer data in order to service your warranty requirements, including details of the status of all current outstanding enquiries. We wish to thank you for your support of Flex in Australia.