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Solar and Battery Calculator

Find out what size solar system plus battery storage you might need for your home and use our pricing calculator to find out how much your system might cost.


The figures and values displayed are to be used as a guide ONLY. Energy Matters makes every effort to provide up-to-date data, though we take no responsibility for how you use the figures and values displayed. Quotes you receive from solar retailers may not match the values and figures displayed. All quotes provided by solar retailers utilise specific information and data that is unique to your home and circumstances. No two solar installations are the same which is why all figures and values are averages.

All figures are inclusive of STC price deductions but DO NOT include any other rebates, discounts or incentives offered by federal, state, or local governments. Displayed prices do not include any markups associated with financing. For accurate figures and prices for solar, battery storage, and EV charger products and installation, a quote must be obtained from a solar retailer.

System + Battery Size Calculator

Please refer to your latest electricity bill to locate your average daily electricity consumption.

Solar Calculator

Solar Price Estimator

Using the data from the System + Battery Size Calculator, find out how much your system is expected to cost.

Solar Calculator Price

*Does not include any rebates, discounts, or incentives (except for STCs).