LAVO solar panels, inverter, battery storage and EV chargers
LAVO solar panels, inverter, battery storage and EV chargers


Total package clean energy solution

Fed up with high and rising electricity bills? Want to get started your green electrification journey but confused by the wide array of costly and complex equipment options out there? Why try to match up incompatible components from multiple manufacturers, when you could get a Tier 1 integrated system of solar panels, battery and inverter, and EV charger installed in hours that works together like a dream?

With LAVO Life, you get exactly that, plus

  • detailed live visibility over your system and power usage from your phone for optimal energy management
  • a sleek, robust system with long warranties; ongoing remote monitoring and updates; and the highest safety standards in the industry
  • affordable long-term reliable energy with 0% interest financing options
LAVO Life components

Integrated efficiency

LAVO Life is a total package clean energy solution, designed by Australian cleantech company LAVO to make clean energy more accessible, affordable, and reliable for Australians.

  • Total-package clean home solution
  • “Plug and play” fast, simple installation
  • Smart app for energy control

The LAVO Life solution includes an All-in-One battery and inverter, solar panels, and an EV charger, all connected to a smart app. Installed the same day by LAVO’s installation partners, hassle-free and seamless.

The LAVO Life app, possible because of the system’s unique integrated design, helps you lower your energy bills, use more of the clean energy you’ve invested in and become more than 90% energy independent from the grid.

With special features such as your real-time green energy usage, ongoing cost savings, usage tips and cumulative CO2 avoidance, the LAVO Life app gives you full transparency over your energy use.

World-class tech designed for long Aussie use

Designed by Aussies for the Aussie lifestyle and environment, the LAVO Life system is built with the harshest conditions and extreme heat in mind. The slim All-in-One battery and inverter has no nooks and less cables, making it tangle-free, snake and rodent-proof, and kid- and pet-friendly. And its long warranties means it stays part of the family for a long time to come.

All-in-One battery and inverter

  • 10kWh battery and 5kW inverter with 10-year warranty
  • Sleek, minimalist design – slim profile
  • “Plug-and-play” for seamless installation
  • Advanced safety measures with real-time monitoring of battery health, ongoing maintenance
  • Incombustible, non-toxic batteries
  • High-performance charge and discharge
  • Adaptive: self-power, backup & load-shifting modes


Our super long-life batteries are proudly cobalt-free: that’s good for the planet, human rights, and your family. Our batteries instead use lithium iron phosphate (aka LifePO4), the safest, most durable, and non-toxic option. LifePO4 batteries are incombustible, can withstand harsh conditions including scorching heat, and don’t release flammable gases when hit or short-circuited.

Our high-performing units also have improved safety with real-time monitoring of battery health. That means we can step in to carry out maintenance before any issues crop up. Plus, get instant alerts in-app for any changes in the system.

“They came at 8am and had a smart way of fixing the solar panels so that they didn’t have to drill through any roof tiles. By the time I got home from work the technicians were gone and the system was already generating power.”

Wodek, NSW, 2023

Tier 1 solar panels

  • 6kW solar system with 25 year warranty
  • Large cell size for superior energy yield
  • Sleek, minimalist panels
  • Easy installation

Our solar panels are built to maximise your power capture for at least 25 years, with clever design to reduce the impact of shadows and microcracks.

  • The module’s substantial cell size enables it to produce an excellent energy yield when in operation.

  • Modules conform to IEC standard testing requirements and are constructed to endure the challenging Australian environment.

  • Versatile applications enhance mechanical performance and compatibility with popular trackers and inverters.

  • The multi-busbar design significantly minimizes the effects of micro-cracks and broken busbars, while the half-cell structure mitigates the impact of shadow shading.

  • Elegant black minimalist panels contribute to the aesthetic appeal.
LAVO Solar Panel
LAVO EV Charger

LAVO EV Charger

  • 7kW Single-Phase
  • Smart control
  • Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5m cables
  • Remotely monitor in app


Whether you’ve made the switch to an EV or you want to invest in your future car. Swapping petrol prices with power from the sun with our EV charger

No cash pile? No problem

LAVO have partnered with clean energy financing specialists Brighte to help you get started sooner. Get your LAVO Life system today, but pay it off over time with 0% interest using Brighte’s Payment Plan.

With Brighte:

  • Get a credit decision in minutes
  • Borrow up to $30,000
  • Easy fortnightly repayments

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