Road-testing the MG ZS EV: Is this Electric Vehicle a Practical Alternative Family SUV?

There’s been increasing interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Australia across all demographics. Individuals, couples, families, and retirees are all considering their next car choice and EVs are certainly at the fore for consideration. But one of the greatest drawbacks and challenges has been the price point for many EV models, with many exceeding $10k more than their petrol/diesel equivalent. The MG ZS EV has seen the price difference drastically reduced and sitting on par with similar SUVs.

Thanks to the fantastic team at Melbourne City Volkswagen, I was able to put the MG ZS EV through its paces and find out whether this EV is a realistic alternative for the family looking to make the switch.

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A practical SUV with most of the bells and whistles

When looking for a family SUV, you need to consider the cabin and boot space. With the seats in their positions, you have a respectable 359L at your disposal – extended to 1187L with the seats reclined. The rear seats allow for a comfortable trip for 3 children, though adults will find that legroom is lacking. Opening the boot proved quite troublesome with a lack of handle and usual ‘pop’ making for an awkward opening.

The Excite model features fabric seats, which are less than aesthetically pleasing. The Essence and Long Range models both feature synthetic leather, which would be reason enough for many people, including myself, to upgrade!

The interior trim is actually quite nice. The edges are stitched in red which provides a fantastic contrast to the dark grey dash and silver accents.

All parents can attest that car trips require essential access to charging ports for the kids’ devices. The rear seats have access to 2 USB charging ports via the centre console, which is more than ample. The driver and front passenger have access to the 10.1 inch centre touchscreen, which provides fantastic connectivity through Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

The digital dash provides basic information about the vehicle, buts lacks the navigation features seen in many other EVs.

Getting you to your destination

The 320km range is a far cry from the 476km range of the Volvo C40 base range equivalent. That being said, the MG ZS EV will get you through the week with trips to and from work, school drop off and pick up, and your daily shopping visits before needing a charge. Longer trips will require strategic planning to charge along the way, but with ever-increasing charging infrastructure being installed across Australian highways, this should pose no issue. The Long Range model increases the driving range to 440km, which is something to consider if you require greater time between charges.

One of the more exciting features of the MG ZS EV is the ability to use the Vehicle to Load (V2L) function. V2L provides charging capability for your devices, including camping equipment, via the V2L connector (available via the MG dealership). This is an outstanding feature for families and individuals that like to head off the beaten track. You will need to consider your available battery to ensure you have enough juice to get you back home!

The MG iSMART app provides additional features, such as remote air conditioning control, find your car, remote locking, and more, all via your phone.

Safety at the fore

The MG ZS EV has many safety features that will give you peace of mind when carting your family around. Lane keep assist, intelligent speed limit assist, traffic jam assist, active emergency braking, and many other features allow for a great driving experience.

The vehicle is quite zippy and very responsive. Turning corners was a breeze, though the loud sound of the indicators was notable!

The verdict: is this a plausible SUV alternative?

The MG ZS EV will provide families with all the features they will require to get their brood from point A to B in comfort and with ease. While the rear seats lack some of the space seen in similar SUVs, a person of similar stature to me should have no issue sitting for short and mid-range trips. With no entertainment options available for the rear seat passengers beyond music, the USB charging ports will be essential to keep the littlies occupied.

I would be choosing the Long Range model, which includes all the features of the Excite and Essence models with the added benefit of 120km of greater range. My job takes me all over Victoria so having the peace of mind that I will be able to drive most places and back again, without an additional charge, would be worth the upgrade.

At a price point of $43,990 to $47,990, the MG ZS EV is not only very competitive for similar SUVs in its class but a fantastic alternative. All in all, the ZS EV is a very practical alternative to its petrol and diesel counterparts. I highly recommend jumping behind the wheel of one to put it to the test yourself!

MG ZS EV Specifications


Battery Capacity: 51.1kWh

Maximum Power: 130kW

Maximum Torque: 280Nm

0-100km/h: 8.2s

Est. 11KW Charge Time (full charge) / hours: 5

Est. 50kW CCS public Charge Time (to 80%) / mins: 54


Battery Capacity: 51.1kWh

Maximum Power: 130kW

Maximum Torque: 280Nm

0-100km/h: 8.2s

Est. 11KW Charge Time (full charge) / hours: 5

Est. 50kW CCS public Charge Time (to 80%) / mins: 54

Long Range

Battery Capacity: 72.6kWh

Maximum Power: 115kW

Maximum Torque: 280Nm

0-100km/h: 8.5s

Est. 11KW Charge Time (full charge) / hours: 8

Est. 50kW CCS public Charge Time (to 80%) / mins: 63

Melbourne City Volkswagen

Thank you to the team at Melbourne City Volkswagen for allowing us to put the MG Zs EV to the test! If you’re looking to make your next vehicle an MG, the team at Melbourne City Volkswagen have the expertise and knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

351 Ingles St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

03 8329 3200

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