• STOP PRESS! From August 19, 2018, Victorian residents may be eligible for the new State Government Solar Homes program. The government will initially offer half price solar systems for up to 24,000 households.
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Solar Credits Subsidy

The Solar Credits subsidy offers substantial savings depending on the size and location of installation and applies to new installations of small-scale renewable energy generators eligible under the scheme.

Most Australians have access to the incentive, which can reduce your outlay by thousands of dollars!

Even if you you live in an apartment complex; you may also be eligible to apply for a subsidy under the program. In order to be eligible you must satisfy the following three additional criteria:

  • Applicant must be an owner occupier of an apartment within the apartment block
  • You must have permission from body corporate
  • You need to provide proof that the panels are owned by you (an invoice from Energy Matters will suffice)

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How the subsidy works

When you select Energy Matters as your residential solar power grid connect supplier and installer, we help greatly simplify the process for you! Here’s how the process works through us:

Don’t forget about feed in tariffs (FiT)!

While feed in tariffs (FiT) are not a solar rebate as such, they are a further incentive to install a PV system. Feed in tariffs exist in most states and pay you for the surplus electricity you produce. Learn more about solar feed in tariffs.

Is your feed in tariff ending?

Some of the older feed in tariff programs in Australia will be ending soon, with those participants being switched over to current programs.

We’ve published some guides to help those affected:

Battery system rebates and subsidies

Energy storage is the next solar revolution – and there can be some financial assistance for purchasing a battery system depending on where you live. Learn about energy storage incentives here.

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Other Home solar rebates

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