Solar hot water evolved! Solar hydronics (AKA solar thermal energy) technology allows not only heat water using the power of the sun, but heat your home as well! Cut your water heating and general heating bills while slashing greenhouse gas emissions!

Home solar thermal and solar hydronics

 Our super-efficient and environmentally friendly “whole of house” Rotex solar space heating systems comprise the following components:

Apricus evacuated tube collectors

Apricus evacuated tube solar collectors are perfect for home water heating needs!

Apricus evacuated tube solar collector

 These Apricus evacuated tube systems provide excellent solar conversion efficiency in all conditions. They feature flexible mounting formats for rooftop or ground installations.

Apricus tubes - perfect for solar thermal energy hydronic systems

Apricus offers a range of evacuated tube products proven to function brilliantly in Australia’s often extreme weather conditions and provide reliable supplies of hot water for households of all sizes.

Sanicube hot water storage system

Once the heated water is in the piping of the Sanicube tank, heat exchange components then heat water within the tank ready for use.

Sanicube hot water storage

Internal view of a Sanicube hot water storage unit

The revolutionary Sanicube is of solid plastic construction with an inner and outer shell filled with high grade foam insulation. The tank includes heat exchangers made of stainless steel corrugated pipe.

At an average storage tank temperature of 58C with ambient air temperature of 20C, the heat loss is in the storage tank is just 2.4 degrees daily!

In the event of extended periods of heavy cloud, where solar thermal energy hydronic systems may struggle, a gas boost system ensures hot water is continually available.

Digital system controller

The microprocessor based gas and solar heat controller provides full system monitoring and control at a touch of a button. It features efficient seasonal control and over temperature protection.

System controller

Hydronics system controller

Hydronics solar space heating

Once the water heats, it doesn’t have to just sit in the tank waiting to be used for showering or cooking. It can continuously circulate around your home to warm your entire house through gentle, radiant heat.

 Solar thermal - radiator

Radiators can make use of the hot water generated by a solar hydronic system.

 Solar hydronic in floor heating

As new home construction occurs, there can be heatline piping installation under the floor or in the foundations. Hot water pumps through the pipes to generate radiant heat. Thus, there are no more cold winter floors!

Additionally, an under-floor heating system can cool during the warmer months. Although this does require a heat dump in summer such as a swimming pool or spa.

These solar space heating systems can be implemented in existing hydronic systems and new homes.

As a general guideline, the cost for a such a solar space heating system is around $32,000 for a 50 sq. meters home and $40,000 for a 100 sq. meters home. Aside from adding substantial value to your home, annual energy savings of up to $2,000 per year can be made!

Interested in solar thermal energy / hydronics?

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