Advances in wind and solar power over the years has seen major improvements to off grid power technology. It’s now cheaper and more efficient than ever. So just because you’re living in a remote location, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice creature comforts!

Here’s how a remote power generation system works.

how off grid power works

  • Sun shines on the solar panels or wind turns wind turbine blades, generating DC electricity
  • The DC electricity feeds into a regulator which controls the amount of charge
  • Deep cycle batteries are charged
  • 12 volt appliances can run directly off the batteries or the current routes through an  inverter for conversion to 240V 50Hz AC electricity. This is suitable for running standard home appliances..

Selecting a remote power system

Getting the right system for your needs is critical and much will depend on where you live. Try our components you’ll need and the cost. For tailored, no-obligation advice email our friendly team!

While a stand alone power system (SAPS) can be quite an investment, generous government renewable energy incentives for people living in remote areas mean you can also save thousands on an off grid wind or solar power set-up for a limited time! Our team can inform you of the latest rebates and subsidies available.

Installing off grid solar or wind power

You can install your remote power system yourself or engage the services of one of our accredited off grid installers.

If you wish to install your own system, in the case of solar power, the optimum for solar panels is that the glass face of the modules is positioned at 90 degrees to the sun for most of the day. In Sydney this angle would be approximately 30-40 degrees to the horizontal. In order to determine the optimum angle for your location; try our Start now on your Energy Matters off grid system! Contact our team of friendly remote power experts for free, no-obligation advice.