Off-grid Solar System in Victoria, Australia: Save Money & Go Green Today

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Victoria, Australia, is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. With stunning and diverse landscapes, green forests, and rocky coastline, no wonder Victoria is best known for its richness in natural resources. In contrast to its beauty, Victoria is also famous for its high emission levels. 

The emissions in Victoria come from different sources, such as transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture. Transportation is responsible for 20% of emissions, agriculture for about 30%, and manufacturing accounts for 25%. Commercial and residential properties contribute to the remaining 25%. 

Victoria’s main energy source is coal. The state produces a vast amount of quality brown coal, making it the second largest brown coal resource in the world. 

As we all know, there are harmful effects that come with coal as an energy source. First, it is non-renewable, which means that it’s limited and will eventually run out. Secondly, burning coal contributes to climate change as it releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. The detrimental impact to our environment from the use of coal has pushed Victoria to transition to a better and cleaner source of energy. 

Victoria, Australia Off-grid Solar System

Victoria, Australia, is a great place to install solar power systems. The weather is beneficial for harvesting the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity. Off-grid solar systems are for homeowners in Victoria, who are living too far from the grid or just aiming to be entirely independent of energy companies. 

Off-grid solar systems are composed of solar batteries, solar panels, back-up generators, and off-grid inverters. Combining these components will generate electricity for your home without the stress of a power outage. 


Off-Grid Solar Costs Compared To Grid-Tied

Off-grid solar systems are expensive since you no longer have access to the grid. You can’t get more power from the grid during cloudy weather or if the panels are covered with snow. You will have to purchase batteries, inverters, back-up generators, etc., to complete your off-grid system, and these components can be very expensive. Most homeowners purchase more solar panels to have enough energy to power their homes during cloudy weather. 

Two of the most popular batteries for an off-grid solar system are LG Chem RESU and the Tesla Powerwall. These batteries have warranties of ten years. While the panels may last around 25 to 30 years, you will likely have to replace the battery once or twice in one lifespan. 

Other Considerations For Going Off-Grid

It is crucial to have an adequate solar resource in off-grid applications. It would be best to install your panels facing north without shading. Ground-mounting and trimming your trees can also be helpful in getting the most out of your solar PV system. 

Furthermore, get rid of unnecessary lights or appliances that consume too much energy. Refrigerators and air-conditioners consume a lot of energy, and it would be best to replace them with energy-saving models. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when not in use. Taking these actions will help you save energy and have enough power for cloudy or rainy days. 

Energy Matters Can Help You Start Your Solar Journey Today

Going solar doesn’t have to be difficult. Thousands of homeowners and businesses in Victoria have finally participated in the rooftop revolution of the solar PV system. Contact Energy Matters today, and we will connect you with the best solar installers in Melbourne. Our partners will give you the ideal solution that will meet your needs while giving you a hassle-free and rewarding renewable experience. Get your free solar quotes here. 



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