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While we currently do not sell wind turbines (as solar is a better choice these days in most residential and even off grid scenarios); we've left these pages up for informational purposes.


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Harness the power of the wind. Today's turbines are lighter, more robust and more efficient than ever. If you live in an area with suitable conditions, wind energy may be right for you as alternative or adjunct to other renewable energy technology, such as solar power.


New to wind power? Learn more about how a wind turbine works, the benefits of wind energy and how a wind turbine is installed. If you're not sure on the type of turbine you need, or even if wind energy suits your purposes, read our guide Is Wind Power Right For You?


If you do decide to go ahead with wind power, you may eligible for renewable energy rebates and subsidies, which could save you thousands!


solar components - archive

solar components - archive