Tesla Powerwall 3: When Will It Be Available for Australian Homes and How Much?

The Tesla Powerwall 3 is set to hit Australia shores. Find out when it is expected to be available and the cost.
Tesla Powerwall 3

Image source: Tesla

Australians have been waiting to find out when they can get their hands on their own Powerwall 3. Since news of the new edition of Telsa’s Powerwall series was confirmed in September 2023, we’ve been keeping our ears to the ground. Tesla has added snippets of information to their website and the Powerwall 3 is now available for installation in the continental United States.

Let’s look at when we can expect them in Australian homes and how much we can expect to pay.

Tesla’s Australian release date for the Powerwall 3

Tesla has confirmed that the Powerwall 3 will land in Australia in the third or fourth quarter of 2024. We should expect to receive more information about special offers available for the Powerwall 3 via Tesla as the delivery time draws near.

What will be the cost of the Tesla Powerwall 3?

While not set in concrete, it is expected that the Powerwall 3 will cost the same as the Powerwall 2. This will bring the pre-installation cost of the Powerwall 3 to AU$10,400. This price will also not include the Tesla Gateway.

The Tesla Gateway (an additional AU$1,700) will be required as it controls the connection to the grid, safely disconnects your home, and starts backup operation during an outage.

What is the Tesla Powerwall 3?

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most popular home battery storage units installed across the world. Its predecessor, the Powerwall 1, was quickly replaced by the Powerwall 2. The OG Powerwall entered the market at a whopping 10kWh but was only good for 500 cycles. The Powerwall 2 stepped in at a reduced 7kWh of storage but was manufactured to last 10 years and serve as a daily backup source of energy. The Powerwall 2 now boasts 13.5kWh of usable energy with 10 years of ‘unlimited cycles’. 

As with any new technology, the general public now expects upgrades. The Powerwall 3 is the next evolution in the Powerwall series.

Tesla battery comparison

Let’s compare the Powerwall 2 to the 3.

SpecificationTesla Powerwall 2Tesla Powerwall 3
Storage capacity13.5 kWh13.5 kWh
Maximum continuous discharge power5kW11.5kW
Maximum continuous charge power5kW5kW
PV InverterNo11.5kW inverter with 6 MPPTs
Operating temperature-20°C to 50°C-20°C to 50°C
Dimensions1150 x 753 x 147 mm1099 x 609 x 193 mm
Grid voltage range211 V – 264 V211 V – 264 V
Ingress ratingIP 67 (Battery & Power Electronics)IP56 (Wiring Compartment)NEMA 3R (IP unknown)
Warranty10 years10 years

While the storage capacity remains the same, the Powerwall 3 comes with two features that pip the Powerwall 3. 11.5kW of continuous output power allows your home to draw more from the battery at any one time. This will be invaluable during a blackout event as you will be able to run more appliances at once. 

Powerwall 3 with backup Gateway 2. Source: Tesla

But the real icing on this electrical cake is the inclusion of an 11.5kW inverter with 6 MPPTs. This means that a home can opt to install a Powerwall 3 and up to 20kW of solar panels with no additional inverter required. The included 6 MPPTs will also allow for up to 6 strings, which is an incredible feature. The inverter will be capped at 5kW of continuous charge from the solar panels.

Can I add the Powerwall 3 to my existing Powerwall 2?

The Tesla website explicitly states that the Powerwall 3 cannot be retrofitted to an existing Powerwall 2 set-up. The Powerwall 3 is intended to be installed as a new solar installation. However, it is expected that a retrofit will be possible in the future with software upgrades. Until such a time, only Powerwall 2s can be added to existing Powerwall 2 installations. 

The Tesla Powerwall 3 can be added to an existing solar system without battery storage.

Will I be able to install more than one?

Powerwall 3 installations will be expandable. While not confirmed, it is expected that expansion packs without the integrated inverters will be available. This should mean that the additional storage components will be cheaper than the base Powerwall 3.

Can I pre-order the Tesla Powerwall 3 in Australia?

You cannot presently pre-order the Powerwall 3. We recommend checking back on the Tesla website periodically. However, Energy Matters will continue to keep you updated with the latest news coming out of Tesla! For now, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is still available for installation.

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