What size solar inverter do I need for my home?

So you are thinking about installing a solar system – you’ve got us smiling. Welcome to the world of renewable energy, where you can sleep soundly at night knowing your heating or cooling system isn’t going to send you to the poorhouse. You can also enjoy knowing that you are doing your part to combat […]

What exactly is solar panel efficiency?

When people talk about solar panel efficiency, they are referring to their ability to convert sunlight into electricity – and this number has been soaring in recent years, as technology improves. While the first solar cell was invented back in the 1800s, it was not a viable power source, due to its efficiency rating being […]

Things you didn’t know about climate change

Climate change has become a major issue in the modern world and we all know that we now have a responsibility to undertake actions to help overturn the effects. As a global society, we need to do our part in protecting and saving the environment. Boiled down simply, man-made climate change is the result of […]

How to create an eco-friendly lifestyle

It is a well-established fact that we all need to make changes to prevent man-made climate change from becoming a major issue in the future. Even during the middle of COVID-19, the world’s largest opinion poll on the issue revealed that two-thirds of people regard climate change as a global emergency. The 2015 Paris Agreement […]

Australia emerges as APAC renewable energy leaders

Recent research from IHS Markit has revealed that Australia leads the Asia Pacific region when it comes to renewable energy production with 89 per cent of all power sources under construction being solar, wind, hydro or other renewables. That makes up one third of all power projects with new renewable energy sources to deliver around […]

The $200 electricity hack Australians are missing out on

High electricity bills have been a problem for most Australian households for many years now, especially for those that are struggling to pay the bills. But did you know wholesale electricity bills are actually falling? Through a combination of more people taking up renewable energy solutions and feeding power back into the grid, and improved […]

Exploring SMEs and sustainability post-COVID-19

Ever since widespread lockdowns hit Australia (and the world) in March 2020 because of COVID-19, the global pandemic has been the number one issue facing small businesses. While climate action and sustainability are still extremely important, small businesses have had to face the clear and present danger. Small Business Australia ran a national survey earlier […]

What’s with solar rebates in 2021?

There is a lot of misinformation flying around when it comes to solar and the rebates on offer. Essentially, these ‘deals’ make it more affordable to get these clean energy systems installed on your property. You may have read about how these rebates are being cut. While there have been changes made for 2021, they […]

Is solar power worth it in 2021?

Around one in five Australian households already have solar systems installed and this number increases every year. As consumers, we’re always looking to save more money on our rising energy bills, and the introduction of more sustainability awareness means we’re also more prone to caring about reducing our carbon footprint. So with all the fuss […]

How to show your customers you’re an eco-friendly brand

There are many benefits for steering your business and brand down the sustainability route. Obviously, you are making a big difference towards the environment and the future of the planet, the world needs more brands to follow the lead. It also means enormous savings on your electricity bills by taking the solar energy approach, eliminating […]