Melbourne Solar Upcycling Facility To Develop PV Glass-Based Concrete

Solar PV module recycling and upcycling is a new frontier in the green technology landscape. Across the world and Australia, academia and industry are waking up to the potential of this new market with facilities beginning to roll out across the country. As the industry matures, new and more efficient methods of recovering and reclaiming […]

Average Australian Solar System Size Increased to 9.5kW in December

Last year we published an article asking whether 8-10kW solar PV systems will become the new solar “sweet spot” for Aussie homeowners. We’re not quite there yet, but if the latest data is anything to go by, we are certainly heading in that direction. In December 2021, the average size of a small-scale (<100kW) solar system […]

CEFC Announces $37 Million Commitment to 200MWp Blue Grass Solar Farm

Australia is ramping up its transition to net zero emissions by 2050, and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is leading the charge. Today, the CEFC announced a $37 million commitment to the Blue Grass Solar Farm, its 32nd solar farm investment since inception. The investment will support the latest solar technology – including bifacial […]

South Australia’s Record-Breaking 156Hr Renewable Run

South Australia has done it again. Further cementing its reputation as a global renewables powerhouse, the state sourced an average of just over 100 per cent of the electricity it needed from renewable power for 6½ days leading up to December 29 last year. This impressive feat was accomplished through a combination of wind, rooftop […]

Australia’s Road To Ultra Low-Cost Solar

How much should solar cost? If the Australian government has its way, the nation will soon be home to some of the lowest-cost solar in the world with a stretch target of $15/MWh. “Ultra low-cost solar” was recently added as a priority technology in the Australian Government’s latest Low Emissions Technology Statement (LETS). In an […]

China Restoring Global Supply of Polysilicon for Solar Panels

China’s latest move to restore global supply of polysilicon for solar panels offers a lifeline for the renewable energy industry. The country has been investing billions of dollars in new factories to produce the key raw material used to make photovoltaic cells for solar panels. Global capacity has already been boosted by more than a […]

Government Grants $100 Million For Advanced Inverter Battery Storage Projects

The Australian government has formally announced $100 million in competitive grants for large-scale battery storage (LSBS) projects that will help provide essential system stability services to the electricity grid. The Large Scale Battery Storage Funding Round, facilitated through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), will support at least three projects with a maximum grant of […]

2022: Australia’s Renewable Energy Sector is Picking Up

It’s been an eventful couple of years for Australia’s renewable energy sector. Despite the global pandemic and extended lockdowns in NSW, ACT and VIC, rooftop solar continued to set a record-breaking pace with over three million installations by the fourth quarter of 2021. In contrast, large-scale renewable projects faced headwinds, hindered by lower wholesale electricity […]

27,000 Panels: Australia’s Largest Rooftop Solar PV System Nears Completion

Australia’s largest rooftop solar PV system is near the final stages of commissioning, set to be operational by the end of the Christmas break. The 10MWdc rooftop solar system, spread across the roof of Australian Panel Products’ (APP) particleboard production facility in Oberon, New South Wales, consists of a whopping 27,000 solar panels. The project […]

Fortescue Future Industries Hits Milestone on Road to Green Hydrogen

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) are breaking new ground in their journey towards producing 15 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030. In a company first, a small team from FFI’s manufacturing arm have designed and built an innovative electrolyser which produces industrial grade hydrogen. This is a major milestone on their road to reaching their […]