Coronavirus and working from home: Using technology for communication

Recently we’ve covered a lot of tips and tricks to maximising your time in isolation, due to social distancing rules around COVID-19. As a nation, it’s important we stick to actioning these, doing our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread while we can. This also means working from home for non-essential services […]

How to adapt your household living during COVID-19

The way we’re used to living is changing. What we know to be our daily lifestyle – from routine to structure and minimal unknowns – has been thrown to the wind. Everything we knew about the way we work individually is no longer ‘norm’. And for families, this is even more of a life-changing difference, […]

How solar works during daytime hours

Across Australia, solar power is becoming more commonplace, as consumers and businesses looking to make the shift to more sustainable energy solutions. From providing eco-friendly benefits to the environment, through to minimising the costs of quarterly bills, there’s plenty of advantages to having an array installed. But you need sunlight for your system to reach […]

Solar batteries are all really expensive – and other battery myths

With any relatively new technology, like solar batteries, there is often confusion, competing opinions and even some myths. Yet in such uncertain times, gaining greater control over your energy needs becomes particularly appealing. When combined, solar panels and a battery can deliver greater certainty in both supply and ongoing energy costs. DC Power Co released […]

Queensland receives support through stimulus package and utility bill relief

A significant payment scheme has been released by the Queensland government to assist businesses, support workers and households during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Deputy State Premier Jackie Trad announced the news Tuesday, noting $4 billion will go towards these categories. This includes $2.5 billion in funding to assist workers and businesses, with […]

Coronavirus is helping solve the global pollution problem

COVID-19 has sparked challenges across the globe – some on unfathomable levels financially, economically and medically. It’s even being labelled as “the severest shock to the economy since World War II.” There’s a lot of doom and gloom right now. You only have to log in to the news or Twitter to see how much […]

How to install solar power through the financial stimulus

Announced on March 12, 2020, the Australian Government issued a $17.6 billion economic stimulus, in response to the spread of coronavirus and aftermath of the bushfires. Since then, this boost has increased to $189 billion, after more political talks took place. To put that into perspective, this figure is 9.7 percent of GDP and double […]

Paving the path for regional Victoria’s grid-scale power plant

There hasn’t been a whole lot of good news lately, as COVID-19 continues to place its grip on the world and shutdown sector after sector. Renewable energy has even taken a hit, but there’s some positive headlines still coming out of our growing field. This includes the recently announced project in regional Victoria, which will […]

COVID-19 to stop solar power world record in tracks

According to PV Magazine, a meeting scheduled for yesterday to open up final bids by consortia for those wanting to develop the 1.5 GW Al-Dhafra solar farm in Abu Dhabi, was rescheduled. Due to the spread of coronavirus, the world is quickly going into lockdown, seeing gatherings and events of these kinds postponed or cancelled […]