ACCC Inquiry Reveals Solar Customers Save up to 31% on Energy Costs

An inquiry into the electricity market by the consumer watchdog has confirmed what many solar customers already know—that Australians using solar panels pay less for power than their non-solar neighbours. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently reported that solar customers, on average, saved up to 31 per cent on their energy bills in 2020. […]

NSW Restrictions for Solar Businesses: The Latest Updates and Resources

Solar businesses and their employees across NSW are undoubtedly feeling the impact of the two-week pause on all construction activity due to COVID-19. With less than a week now until restrictions are due to be eased, there are mounting concerns that they will be extended well beyond July 31st— feasibly into late September. Following yesterday’s […]

Beer: The new renewable energy (and yes, we’re serious)

When it comes to renewable energy, you can ask almost anybody on the street, and they would be aware of solar power. Most people would be aware of energy produced by wind farms as well. Hydropower dams are also a common form of renewable energy and have been constructed worldwide for decades. On the more […]

Strange ways solar power is used

Solar energy has become a mainstream part of our society. It began with solar hot water systems and has rapidly been followed up by millions of solar panels installed on homes and businesses worldwide for a clean, green supply of affordable electricity. Solar is an essential cornerstone of our transition away from fossil fuels to […]

What we can expect from solar fabric

Solar panels are experiencing unprecedented popularity worldwide. The message of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy has finally hit home, and nations worldwide are moving mountains to achieve an emission-free future. Even with the environmental aspects put aside, the sheer cost benefits of solar panels have inspired millions of people to install rooftop PV […]

The role of government in the resilience of renewables after COVID-19

Renewable energy is riding an enormous wave of success right now. It’s a trend that has been building for decades, but it’s finally reached the point where renewables are not just competitive with fossil fuels; they can outcompete them on cost. The renewable energy industry is booming, and it’s not just because the planet needs […]

Home electricity tips to save you money and keep you safe

We can sometimes take electricity for granted. We flick a switch, and our home is warm, lit, and our favourite appliances run smoothly. Electricity can be costly and dangerous, though, which is why Energy Matters has assembled these tips so you can better manage electricity in your home. Act quickly on any damage If you […]

Eight renewable energy projects under construction in Australia

Wind and solar capacity will double over the next four years globally and exceed that of both gas and coal, according to an International Energy Agency (IEA) report. The Paris-based intergovernmental agency anticipates an 1123 gigawatt (GW) increase in wind and solar that would mean these power sources overtake gas capacity in 2023 and coal […]

Australia labelled a “global embarrassment” when it comes to climate action

Over 190 United Nations countries were ranked on their efforts to tackle climate change last week, and Australia came in dead last. The U.N.-backed Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the report, designed to assess progress on various international sustainable development goals. Nordic nations Finland, Sweden and Denmark topped the rankings, followed by Germany, Belgium, Austria, […]

Solar-powered passenger planes – how close are they to becoming a reality?

To achieve a carbon-neutral future, looking to the skies is going to be integral. Air travel has come a long way since the pioneering days of the 1960s, with modern jet aircraft around 80 per cent more fuel-efficient than those first commercial planes. Sustainable aviation fuels are also in development, using sources like algae, jatropha […]