State Spotlight: New South Wales’ Solar Power Progress

The state government released the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap in late 2020, which outlines NSW’s renewable energy plan and renewable energy targets. Its enabling legislation is the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 (NSW), and it also passed both houses of parliament in late 2020. So what do these mean for the state and the country? More […]

The countries that are closest to giving fossil fuels the boot

Globally we are working towards a carbon net-zero future by 2050. To achieve this major action, countries are looking to phase out fossil fuels and replace them with sustainable and renewable options. That means less coal and gas-fired baseload power stations and more solar farms, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants and other renewable energy sources around […]

Has renewable energy become cheaper than fossil fuel?

One of the big arguments opponents of renewable energy sources like to toss up is that fossil fuels like coal and gas are cheaper alternatives. The other idea is that not everyone can afford renewable energy. While that may have once been true, the pendulum has swung, and renewable energy is now officially more affordable […]

Why you should make the switch to LED lights

Are you still using old-school incandescent lights? There are many reasons why you should replace them with LED alternatives, which are rapidly rendering these alternatives redundant. Here are some of the benefits you are going to enjoy by making the switch to now. LED lights save you money Those old light bulbs that we grew […]

How to make your garden eco-friendly AND save wildlife

The world has an environmental focus right now as we look to transition to renewable energy sources and achieve a carbon net-zero future by 2050. Why? To take action against climate change and better our ability to keep the planet healthy. Part of this focus should include caring for our wildlife, which has been in […]

How to produce clean water in arid areas

Not having access to clean water is a major problem that  many communities face in remote and arid regions. The Osmosun is a 100 per cent solar-powered solution that can deliver up to 1500 litres of fresh water a day, converting saltwater or brackish sources into pure and clean drinking water. With all supply able […]

What size solar inverter do I need for my home?

So you are thinking about installing a solar system – you’ve got us smiling. Welcome to the world of renewable energy, where you can sleep soundly at night knowing your heating or cooling system isn’t going to send you to the poorhouse. You can also enjoy knowing that you are doing your part to combat […]

What exactly is solar panel efficiency?

When people talk about solar panel efficiency, they are referring to their ability to convert sunlight into electricity – and this number has been soaring in recent years, as technology improves. While the first solar cell was invented back in the 1800s, it was not a viable power source, due to its efficiency rating being […]

Things you didn’t know about climate change

Climate change has become a major issue in the modern world and we all know that we now have a responsibility to undertake actions to help overturn the effects. As a global society, we need to do our part in protecting and saving the environment. Boiled down simply, man-made climate change is the result of […]