Government could save billions with solar panels: AEMO

Solar panel systems and battery storage could save the Federal Government $4 billion, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator. AEMO Managing Director Audrey Zibelman told 2GB radio’s Ross Greenwood that distributed power resources and energy storage can achieve these additional savings in a “transforming” market. AEMO’s ‘Integrated System Plan’ report released this week shows investment in transmission rather […]

Queensland clean energy investment: 21% renewable energy by 2019

Unprecedented Queensland clean energy investment means 21 per cent of the state’s energy production will be renewable by 2019. According to Queensland Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham, this equals 2,164 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) says this could power more than 800,000 homes in the state. The state has an […]

Killer coal: doctor points out health benefits of clean energy

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report into Australia’s electricity prices has prompted a doctor to point out the health benefits of solar power and the downside of unhealthy coal. Dr Graeme McLeay is a retired anaesthetist and member of Doctors for the Environment. He says those looking to justify the use of coal-fired power […]

RET-led renewable projects reducing power prices for industry: CEC

The Clean Energy Council says new analysis shows renewable energy projects under the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme are already reducing power prices for industry across the country, despite increasing gas power prices. Citing Australian Industry Group data contained in a report, Worse to Bad, the CEC says cheap solar, wind and battery storage will eventually replace prohibitively expensive […]

Analyst dubs ACCC electricity report ‘political’ and in support of coal

A leading market analyst calls the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report on electricity pricing a partisan attempt to help coal generators. Energy consultant Danny Price told the ABC the new report is a “political document”. Its proposals are likely to drive investors away from the energy market rather than reduce prices, he claims. The manager […]

Coal fired plants could stay open for decades: AEMO report

Coal fired plants could go on producing energy for more than 20 years, states a new report by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Existing coal generators should be allowed to live out their lives to ensure an affordable and reliable electricity supply, AEMO’s ‘Integrated System Plan’ report recommends. Welcoming the report, Energy Minister Josh […]

Solar panel installation cost subsidy cuts: Important information on ACCC recommendations

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) wants to remove solar energy incentives, effectively increasing the future solar panel installation cost. A report released by the ACCC last week expressed concern over the high cost of electricity in Australia, stating: “Australia is facing its most challenging time in electricity markets. High prices and bills have […]

Chook poo a contender for baseload power source: Matt Canavan

Federal Minister for Resources Matt Canavan says he doesn’t care if baseload power source is coal, gas, solar, wind or “chook poo”. The Queensland LNP Senator told ABC’s RN Drive program that politicians need to put ideology and partisanship aside to fix the problem. He said the lack of baseload power in the grid must be addressed and […]