Home battery storage will be commonplace next decade: poll

A new poll shows most Australians think renewable electricity and home battery storage is key to affordable, reliable energy. Commissioned by the Climate Council, the ReachTEL poll found 74 per cent of 1,928 respondents across Australia expect household batteries will be commonplace in the next decade. When asked why they were adding batteries to their […]

IEA’s Key World Energy Statistics: a snapshot of global energy use

The 2017 Key World Energy Statistics report from the International Energy Agency gives a snapshot of energy production and use throughout the world. The report shows growth in the production of renewable energy and slight decreases in fossil fuels. Here’s a look at some of the major findings: Energy production 2015 Fossil fuels accounted for […]

Fall in STC price may affect the future cost of solar

In the first half of 2017 there was a 23% increase in small-scale solar system installations in Australia. While this is good news, it has also led to an oversupply of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). This, in turn, has reduced the trading price of STCs from $40 to their current price (as at early September) […]

Extreme weather impacts Australia’s ageing energy system

Extreme weather events driven by climate change are stressing Australia’s ageing energy system, a new report shows. Hot and Dry: Australia’s Weird Winter, produced by the Climate Council, explores the impact of 2017’s warmest winter on record. It claims the nation’s ageing energy infrastructure won’t be able to cope with more frequent and longer heatwaves. […]

One in five Aussie properties have a solar power system

One in five Australian homes and businesses generate their own electricity via solar power system, new figures show. Data released by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) also shows 23 per cent more Australians have embraced rooftop solar over the last 10 years. The monthly CER figures show numbers of installations under the Renewable Energy Target’s […]

New solar accreditation rules keep installation quality high: CEC

The requirements are tightening up for installers seeking Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation. The CEC oversees the training requirements and accreditation of solar installation companies across Australia. It also stresses the importance of installers staying ahead of training and new technology. This week, more ongoing changes were announced by the industry monitoring body. The upgrade […]

Renewables to match coal generation by 2040

Global renewable energy generation will match coal generation by 2040. That’s the claim of the latest international report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). The ‘International Energy Outlook 2017’ (IEO2017) says coal will fall to 31 per cent of energy generation by 2040. Renewable generation is also expected to increase by an average of […]

Rooftop solar best way to supply power to urban poor: report

Rooftop solar panels are the answer to the power needs of emerging economies, according to a World Resources Institute report. The report, ‘Powering Cities in the Global South’, says solar panels are the cheapest way to power poorer households. Furthermore, it found rooftop solar panels are already the most common form of renewable energy in the […]