Melbourne Airport to gain massive solar installation

Melbourne Airpot is about to become the home of a behind-the-meter solar installation, titled to be one of the biggest in the country. This comes as an array of solar projects in the pipeline begin to draw to an end. Featuring 12MW, the solar farm is under development on nearby land, giving the project the […]

Why now is the time to take advantage of lower electricity prices

We’ve been pretty open lately about how important it is to check your bills annually. Keeping this on top of your yearly bucket list will ensure you’re getting the best rates on your energy plan, especially when you take the time to compare the finer print. Research conducted by CME also noted that Australians have […]

Solaria launches Pure Black™ panels on the Australian market

Solaria is proud to introduce its Pure Black™ solar panels to deliver beauty, power and performance to homeowners in Australia.  When Solaria launched over 20 years ago, the leadership team didn’t presume to imagine a future where in 2020, they would be producing a 365-watt solar panel that looks like a beautiful sheet of black […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Stage four hits businesses hard

On Monday we published an article outlining all the latest restrictions to hit Melbourne and wider Victoria. Now, Daniel Andrews has released another announcement highlighting the limitations now in place for businesses. These restrictions will run for the next six weeks, bringing yet another round of challenges for Victorians. As it stands, stage four is […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: New lockdown restrictions for Melbourne and Victoria

As Victoria continued to, unfortunately, regress with clearing up COVID-19, cases hit 671 on Sunday, August 2, forcing Premier Dan Andrews to declare a State of Disaster. Now new measurements are in the form of Stage 3 and 4 for areas across Melbourne and Mitchellshire, bringing another new “norm” to the forefront. In this article, […]

Western Australia primes schools to help communities recover from COVID-19

Coronavirus has made its mark on industries far and wide, and the aftermath is still widely unknown for economies across the globe. But here in Australia, governments are doing what they can to map out recovery plans, in order to help restore economic stability, job opportunities and better future outcomes. One of these efforts includes […]

Energy prices have changed: here’s how to beat the surge

We’re feeling the bite of winter in Australia; there’s no doubt about that. From waking up in the morning and creeping across the cold floors, reaching for the heater remote just in time to slip into the kitchen and make a coffee, through to layering up on ten jackets at a time. Yes, this is […]

WA rolls out solar program for schools, communities and housing

Only the other week, we wrote about the petition pushing the Victorian Government to ‘Solar Our Schools’. Now, Western Australia has made the leap to invest more than $66 million on solar arrays and batteries across community developments, schools and social housing sites. This comes as part of a $5.5 billion plan to revitalise Western […]

Victorians get interest-free loans for solar power systems

Under a new government program, tenants across Victoria will be able to negotiate to install solar power systems on rooftops with their landlords. This comes as measurements put in place under the program, intended at subsidising installation costs. Interest-free loans will be available for those looking to implement solar panel installations, designed to make cleaner, […]

Melbourne’s COVID lockdown 2.0 – How to get through

It’s already been labelled a more difficult lockdown than the first round, with data proving Melburnians are having a challenging time coming to terms with not-so-unfamiliar restrictions. We saw similar reduced activity back in April and May, but now as stage 3 is rolled out again across the City of Melbourne and Mitchell Shire regions, […]