How machine learning could advance solar power technology

Where clean energy intercepts with technology, the need to integrated advanced computing is the key to opening new opportunities. The endless journey to discovering a viable return on investment in renewable energy means ensuring absolute optimisation and the best possible method of deployment for all panels and systems. So how exactly can we achieve the […]

More than 2.6GW to be added to Australia’s grid in 2020

We’ve recently heard about a plumet in large-scale renewable energy developments that took place across 2019. The good news is that this dive could be relieved by a forecasted record number of new wind and solar farms that are filling Australia’s pipeline for 2020. On Tuesday, Rystad Energy – industry statistician – said utility solar […]

Could this be the next big way of creating solar power?

The UK has made history in renewable energy, creating a new form of energy storage that’s designed to help charge vehicles without using the grid. Solivus – the company behind the concept – is planning to install the panels across the roofs of industrial buildings. Labelled as a ‘solar fabric’, this development will be seen […]

How bushfire smoke is altering the efficiency of solar panels

The Australian bushfires have had disastrous effects; the scorched land to the expected one billion animals lost to the tragedy. And then there are the thousands of homes destroyed, families left heartbroken and climbing costs for restoration. There’s no denying that the flames could be the worst the country has ever seen, and they’re affecting […]

SA wind-solar farm set for mid-year launch

A massive hybrid solar-wind farm is in the works for South Australia, with Spanish company Iberdrola committing more than $500 million to the development. The construction will fall under the responsibility of Irish firm DP Energy. The funding boost comes as a major step forward for the project, which has seen recent delays. Known as […]

A positive outlook for renewable energy in the new decade

All things considering, a majority of energy industry bodies would consider the 2010s a successful decade for renewables. But looking towards the era of the 2020s, it’s expected to be even better. We’ve come along way; according to Eco Generation, 8.7 per cent of Australia’s total electricity generations came from sources relating to renewable energy. […]

REC Group launches rare ProTrust Warranty

REC Group – known for its standing as an international pioneer in solar – has launched its exceptional ProTrust Warranty, specifically for its solar modules. These are being made available by certified REC Solar Professional installers and will include a premium 25-year warranty – a unique offer of its own. The offer includes a 25-year […]