$1 billion demand response management incentive scheme unleashed

Australian households will get lower power bills and increased reliability under a new electricity demand response management scheme released this week. The aim of demand response management is to put less pressure on the electricity grid during peak power usage. This new incentive from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) could lead to demand management investment […]

ANZ teams up with CEFC on clean energy assets finance program

The ANZ Bank is cutting its lending rate for businesses who purchase clean energy assets. The bank will team up with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to establish a $150 million purchasing program. The ANZ Energy Efficient Asset Finance program makes it easier for businesses to invest in energy-efficient and renewable technologies. This will […]

Solar feed-in tariffs in Australia: what’s the latest?

Solar feed-in tariffs are schemes to encourage households to go green. Households receive incentives for electricity fed back into the Australian electricity grid. They are from a renewable electricity generation source, such as rooftop solar panel systems or wind turbine. Many offers changed recently as solar entered a new phase. “With many of these feed-in tariff offers ending […]

ERF gets thumbs up from Climate Change Authority

The Climate Change Authority (CCA) has released its first review of the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). The review found that so far the fund is performing well and is playing an important role in helping Australia meet its climate goals. The CCA also made a number of recommendations. These include measures to enhance […]

Mornington Peninsula solar plays role in Community grid demand response

Residents on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula could win one of three Flex Home Energy Monitors and a $500 voucher towards solar or battery installation. The Mornington Peninsula solar scene is boosted by the new initiative promoting better energy efficiency that was launched on the peninsula last week. The Community Grid Project harnesses the power of demand response, which […]

Queanbeyan company receives $6M to develop perovskite solar cells technology

ARENA has awarded $6 million to Queanbeyan-based GreatCell Solar to commercially manufacture perovskite solar cells. The company has patented a printable technique for manufacturing solar panels on an industrial scale. GreatCell will use the funding to create a prototype perovskite solar cell (PSC) large enough for rooftop and building applications. In addition, GreatCell plans to […]

Major Queensland car dealer creates urban solar farm

A car dealership in Ipswich, Queensland, has created an urban solar farm with its own smart battery technology. Llewellyn Motors has set up Australia’s largest privately-owned power station using virtually all its roof space for solar panels. The powerful solar energy system subsequently provides around half of the Queensland business’s electricity needs. And the special […]

‘Clean coal’ still the main offender on carbon emissions

Renewable solar power has fewer emissions over its life-cycle than any form of so called “clean coal” based energy, new research shows. According to a team of international scientists, wind and solar energy win hands down over ‘clean coal’ in terms of indirect carbon emissions. All forms of energy production emit greenhouse gases to some […]

Liddell shutdown must prompt national renewable energy strategy: ACF

AGL’s decision to close the Liddell power station in 2022 sends a clear signal to the federal government that it must institute a national renewable energy strategy. That’s the view of the Australian Conservation Foundation, which said the government has failed in its efforts to “strong arm” the company. AGL announced Saturday it would close […]