Maximise your solar power savings with these summer tips

Sydney’s Northern Beaches Council is holding a free information session on February 20 to help residents improve their solar power savings. The event is part of the Council’s ‘Charge Ahead’ program to tackle climate change head-on. But you don’t have to live in Sydney to maximise your solar power savings. Read on to see how […]

IRENA report says Australia has much to gain in the new renewable energy age

A new report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) says Australia stands to benefit from the shift to global renewable energy. The Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation produced the report, titled ‘A New World’. It found countries that take advantage of renewable energy technologies “can expect to enhance their global […]

Hot tips to cool your home this summer – and avoid ‘bill shock’

There’s nothing like an Aussie summer to turn up the heat, but are you ready for the subsequent bill shock? Canstar Blue have compared running costs for a range of common cooling products. Then they’ve compared the increased electricity cost you’re likely to face, depending where you live in this wide brown land. This sunburnt […]

Solar panel recycling: Environmental group calls for national scheme

An Australian environmental group is calling on state and federal governments to support solar panel recycling as older panels reach the end of their life cycle. In 2018 Australia’s environment ministers agreed to fast-track new recycling schemes to manage solar panels across their entire life cycle, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. However, the Total Environment […]