SA government places battery storage as a high priority

Last week the South Australian Government announced its commencement on making battery storage a higher priority for residents across the state. Featuring a subsidy of $6000, the Home Battery Schemehas been reduced by 30 per cent and may be further decreased throughout 2020. However, homeowners need to quickly take advantage of the offer or risk […]

REC Group’s installed solar capacity for 2019 hits 10GW

The REC Group have reached a total of 10 GW in installed solar capacity, achieving a benchmark that equates to 1.2 billion LED bulbs.  Known as an international presence in solar power energy, backed by Scandinavian origins, the REC Group announced the achievement in a recent press release. Through the innovation of modules and a […]

New solar cell breakthrough to create higher panel efficiency

The Australian National University recently announced a team of researchers successfully achieved a new world record for efficiency with ‘tandem solar cells’ – a new type of industry technology. These innovations use two types of modules to stack on top of each other, significantly increasing performance of the system overall. Ultimately, the team believe that […]

Could solar power trees be our next big hit?

Over in Japan, a consortium has dived into action to create solar-powered furniture designed specifically for urban spaces. Functioning as a bench built-in with a battery, these designs also have cooling features and even vaporisers. Nifty. Japan’s urban tree shortage  According to PV Magazine, the challenges of having such large cities combined with ‘concrete jungles’ […]

The need to reduce waste across Australia’s renewable energy industry

The plethora of advantages renewable energy offers our country both economically and environmentally are endless. But there are also other aspects to keep in mind. This includes the fact that there is still a lifecycle that comes with generation. And that means there’s waste as a result, and handling this kind of output is what […]

Telstra announces carbon-neutral operations and renewable targets

According to Telstra Exchange, the telco giant has lined up several goals to ensure its greenhouse gas emissions are offset by cleaner energy efforts. The company noted that in just 12 months, the network grew by 26 per cent, which is now expected to triple by the year 2025. As these connections expand, so too […]

Tasmania commits to 200 per cent renewable targets by 2040

While headlines across the nation are still surrounding Australia’s 50 per cent renewables target, Tasmania’s Liberal government has set its own goals with a potential first for the world. The state has its sight set on reaching 200 per cent renewables by 2040, all throughout a combination of hybrid, wind and solar power. On Tuesday, […]

Iconic brand Kathmandu adopts solar power for greener operations by 2025

Known for its long-standing outdoor clothing range and adventure equipment, Kathmandu has set its sights on opening its first-ever solar-powered store in Victoria. Based in Blackburn, Melbourne, the shop will be the company’s first step towards reducing its environmental footprint.  Dean Smith, project manager for the company, said that it won’t initially be possible for […]

The AEMO DER register goes live, providing crucial industry data

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is known for its commitment towards rooftop solar power systems, batteries, and smart technologies. But now, they’re stepping up the game even further by opening its DER Register to nationwide consumers. This comes as a bid to further embed household assets into a market that’s destined to become a […]

WA water company’s big plans to roll out solar

Owned by the government, Western Australia’s Water Corporation has recently pledged $30 million worth of solar energy developments, which are expected to roll out over the next three years. Just like many other sectors, Australia’s water industry is looking to utilise more renewables across its operations. As WA has predominantly been slower on uptake of […]