Expert’s advice to aluminium giant: Wind and solar power beat coal on price

Wind and solar energy beat coal-fired plants on efficiency and price. That’s the expert advice delivered to operators of the Tomago Aluminium smelter in NSW. Melbourne energy economist Dr Bruce Mountain made the comment this week in response to a statement by Tomago CEO Matt Howell. Howell said more baseload coal-fired power generation is needed in […]

Electric plus solar power is cheapest for powering new homes: ATA report

Electricity combined with solar power is now the cheapest way to power new homes. So, in a solar power vs gas showdown, solar wins. That’s according to a new report from Alternative Technology Australia (ATA). The ATA report, Household Fuel Choice in the National Energy Market, found new homes powered only by electricity combined with solar […]

Thousands of Aussie households saving money on power bills with solar batteries

Thousands of home owners are saving money on their power bills by installing solar panels combined with energy storage battery installations, according to a report in Domain.  Last year around 20,000 Australian households included a battery system in their solar installations. When combined with solar panels, energy storage batteries can drastically reduce a household’s electricity bills. […]

‘Baseload’ and renewable energy generation: exposing the myths

In recent months, anyone interested in renewable energy, electricity prices or the future of Australia’s energy grid will have come across the following term: baseload. It appears often in the context of coal-fired power stations, for example: Federal Liberal MP Tony Abbott: “The only way we can have reliable baseload power is through coal and […]

Just one blackout in 11 years: WA couple applaud off-grid solar living

Busselton couple Sherry and Barrie Thomas have had only one blackout during 11 years of living with off-grid solar energy. The pair told the Busselton-Dunsborough Mail that they’ve not looked back since installing a solar panel system at their remote Lowden property in 2007. The couple shared their experience at this year’s ‘Critical Horizons Powering the […]

Australian solar researcher wins 2018 Global Energy Prize

Australian solar researcher Professor Martin Green has won the 2018 Global Energy Prize for  ground-breaking work in the field of solar energy. The prestigious Russian award honours major achievements in energy research and technology. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) academic beat contender Elon Musk to win. Green shares the 2018 prize with Russian […]

Kangaroo Island to join regional community energy program

Kangaroo Island is set to join five other South Australian councils to form a regional community energy program designed to drive down power prices. Kangaroo Island Council, District Council of Yankalilla, City of Victor Harbor, Alexandrina Council, Adelaide Hills Council and Mount Barker District Council are now in the process of developing a business case. […]

Tasmanian pumped hydro could transform Australia’s electricity market

A new study shows Tasmania well on track to transform Australia’s electricity market through development of renewable energy, such as pumped hydro. This could be achieved by developing wind farms, hydro-electric power plants  and pumped hydro energy storage, according to the Hydro Tasmania report. A new connection between Tasmania and the mainland would then harness […]

Tesla electric car owners release round Australia charging station map

It’s now possible to drive around Australia in an electric car, thanks to a comprehensive EV charging station map. The Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) released its Round Australia Electric Highway map this month. It shows the location of charging stations around Australia with a maximum 400 km spacing. The Red Centre route is 100 […]