New Solar Products Heading to Australia – FIMER Unveils High-Power Inverters and Battery Storage System

Australian solar and renewable energy enthusiasts recently received some exciting news, as Italian inverter manufacturer FIMER unveiled its new ‘Power’ platform of high-power solar inverters and a high-capacity battery storage system. The new products are headed to the country next year and were showcased at Intersolar Europe last week. FIMER’s three new offerings include the […]

Victoria Solar Battery Rebate Extends Eligibility Criteria

In great news for Victorians looking for a solar and battery storage solution, the Victorian Government has announced that eligibility criteria for the Solar Battery Rebate has been relaxed. Previously, home or business owners had to wait until they had rooftop solar panels installed before being able to access the $3500 battery rebate – but […]

Renovate or Rebuild Recap, Episode 1: Dallas and Nick

For many Aussie homeowners, eventually there comes a time when you ask yourself the question — should we renovate, or just knock down and rebuild? Say hello to Renovate or Rebuild, a new show airing on 9Life at 9pm Mondays. Hosted by design aficionado James Treble, the eight-week series sees fan favourites from The Block battling it […]

FIMER Launches Certified Installer Program in Australia and New Zealand

FIMER, a global leader in solar inverter and electric vehicle charging technology, has today announced the launch of its Certified Installer Program. Starting in October 2021, FIMER is inviting Australian and New Zealand solar and energy storage installers to register for FIMER’s Installer Program. Benefits of Certified Installer Program With a focus on providing better […]

9 Ways that Climate Change is Affecting Australia in 2021

Climate change is a global problem. While the impacts on the environment are devastating, It’s not just an environmental issue – it affects the economy, communities and public health as well. Australia is no exception to this rule. In fact, Australia is particulalrly vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of its extensive arid and […]

Australians Turning to Batteries as Solar Feed-in Tariffs Cut

In a move that has been met with strong criticism from the Australian public, energy retailers have begun to slash financial incentives for households feeding solar-generated electricity back into the grid. In response, some Australian solar customers are hitting back by dropping their reliance on these companies and installing batteries. One solar retailer reported a […]