Electric vehicle fast-charging network top priority: Infrastructure Australia

An independent advisory board says an electric vehicle fast-charging network is a top priority to help Australia transition to EVs. The Infrastructure Australia (IA) ‘Infrastructure Priority List 2019’ says fast-charging EV stations at regular intervals on the national highway network will encourage people to buy electric cars and improve access to charging facilities. According to […]

5 ways to make your home more energy efficient

The revised National Construction Code 2019 has now been released and comes into effect from May 1. Why should this concern current and future home owners looking to save money on energy bills? The answer is that this code will help builders of the future produce the most energy efficient home possible. Section 3.12 of […]

NSW Greens election pledge: mandatory solar panels for new construction

The NSW Greens have announced plans for a sweeping $1.25 billion solar spree ahead of the state election on March 23, including mandatory solar for new homes. NSW Greens MP and Environment spokesperson Cate Faehrmann wants one million extra households to install solar panels or be part of community renewable energy schemes within four years. […]

Renewable energy blackouts blame-game is ‘wrong and dangerous’

Blaming renewable energy for power outages is wrong, and worse, potentially dangerous, according to a new report. The warning comes from the Grattan Institute’s Keep Calm and Carry On investigation into the reliability of our electricity network. The February 2019 report found that in the past decade, 97 per cent of all outages were due […]

ARENA funding trials to boost solar battery integration with grid

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is funding trials to help boost solar battery integration in the national grid. Rooftop solar panels and solar battery systems are known as distributed energy resources (DER) because they are spread throughout the community. The national grid operators need to monitor and control the power feeding in from solar households […]