$2 billion renewable biofuel project given the green light in Australia

Australia’s first major biofuel project has been launched, with the waste from maize fields in northern Victoria to be converted into renewable energy. The $2 billion project is a collaboration between green energy company AgBioEn, La Trobe University and technology company LAB3. It will see the agricultural waste from maize crops create biofuel. The first […]

Proposal to improve the grid without charging solar owners

The onus will be on service providers to improve electricity grids to accommodate renewable energy exports, under a new draft rule issued by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). The AEMC is the rule maker for our electricity and gas networks, and had previously made a recommendation that Australian homes should be made to pay […]

Green light for first new hydroelectricity plant in almost 40 years

A former Queensland gold mining region is set to boost Australia’s first significant hydroelectricity plant in 37 years. Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has given conditional approval for $47 million in funding for the pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) project at Kidston, a former gold mining community around 200km north of Hughenden in central Queensland. […]

World sets new renewable records in 2020 despite COVID-19

Despite all of the carnage caused to industries worldwide during the COVID-19 global pandemic, green energy adoption has continued to surge – breaking new records in 2020. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) released its Renewable Capacity Statistics 2021 report, which showed that the world added 261GW of green energy capacity. This is a rise […]

The key reforms required to unlock Australia’s renewable potential

Despite the impacts of COVID-19 in 2020, it was a massive year for renewable energy in Australia, with record numbers of solar and wind installations. There is a range of new reforms coming in 2021 that will assist Australia push even further with renewable electricity sources. Here we outline the biggest and most significant ones […]

Renewables make up 30 per cent of Aussie electricity.

While COVID-19 might have slowed down or stopped many industries in 2020, it was a bumper year for solar installations in Australia, which has seen our renewable energy use surge. The Clean Energy Council’s recent Clean Energy Australia Report 2021 showed a record 378,451 home solar installations in 2020, providing 3GW of renewable energy to […]

Climate change will render parts of Australia “uninsurable”

Experts warn that increased flooding events in Australia caused by climate change could make insurance premiums too expensive for the average resident to afford. We already see the impacts of climate change in our country, and data shows that Australia is flooding more than ever because of it. This is because our atmosphere now holds […]

Solar-powered helicopter to give us a new perspective on Mars

NASA’s first solar-powered helicopter drone has landed on Mars, and it is hoped that it will be able to provide us with never-before-seen images and video of the Red Planet. The helicopter is called Ingenuity, and it was deployed by mother ship Perseverance on Saturday, April 4. It is expected to make its first flight […]

FIMER makes it easier for solar customers to meet evolving Australian regulatory requirements

In late 2020 South Australia introduced its mandatory Remote Disconnection and Reconnection requirement under its Smarter Homes initiative. FIMER has been working with leading technology providers to offer a future-proof solution that ensures installers and customers can comply with this and other incoming requirements on the network, state or national levels, as well as the […]