How to Get Solar as an Apartment Owner: Your Options Explained

Over 2.2 million Australians live in apartments, units or flats. If you live in an apartment, you may believe that solar isn’t a feasible option for you. Not only are you limited by roof space but apartment living often means sharing amenities with other residents on your lot – and that usually includes the roof. These […]

New Updates About Rooftop Solar Rules Released by Clean Energy Regulator

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has changed the rooftop solar installation rules under the federal government’s SRES rebate scheme. The CER now allows rooftop PV systems to be conducted by several installers under strict conditions.  A notification prior to the installation must be submitted to the CER that details the fill-in installers, their credentials, and […]

Hornsdale Power Reserve: The First Big Battery to Deliver Inertia Services at Scale

Neoen’s Hornsdale Power Reserve can now provide 2,000 Megawatt Seconds (MWs) of equivalent inertia to South Australia’s grid via Tesla’s Virtual Machine Mode technology.  South Australia holds the world’s leading share of wind and solar, with over 64 per cent provided by these renewable sources in the past 12 months. Located around 16km north of […]

Solar Panel Searches Increase By 40% Amidst Electricity Shortages

Australians are fearing electricity cuts as the Australian Energy Market Operator warns there could be outages across the country. On June 13, Queensland, Victoria, and NSW faced threats of power blackouts due to soaring prices, lack of supply, coal prices, and cold weather. This is still apparent with ongoing reports.  Winter has arrived, and energy […]

Compare the Best Virtual Power Plants Offers in Australia for 2022

Virtual Power Plants or VPPs are a relatively new concept in Australia, but they are quickly gaining popularity due to the benefits they offer participants, communities and the environment. The ultimate goal of a VPP is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by enabling more renewable energy sources to be integrated into our energy network. […]

Solar Feed-in Tariff Comparison: Best Tariffs by State and Territory

A solar feed-in tariff or FiT refers to how much you are paid per kWh of electricity when you export excess energy from your solar installation to the grid. A FiT means that as well as generating your own electricity you can also earn a small income on it. FiTs were originally introduced by the government as […]

How REC Group’s Alpha Pure Series Is Setting Itself Apart

The Alpha Pure Series is a lead-free solar panel, creating major advancements in solar sustainability. With REC Group’s award-winning technology and renowned reliability, the Alpha Pure Series is quickly becoming the solar panel of choice for homeowners. Discover three ways REC Group’s Alpha Pure Series can provide you with next-level power and even greater environmental […]