New microgrid technology set to bring Melbourne renters solar energy

Renowned company Ovida has kicked off its first development in its $2.3 million Community Energy Hubs project. Featuring a 52-resident community housing apartment hub in the thriving surrounds of Preston, Melbourne, it includes an innovative solar and a battery storage system. As a first for Australia in a microgrid capacity, the building allows residents to […]

Brimbank Council launches new solar – powered carpark

Brimbank Council has continued to demonstrate its commitment to rooftop solar with a multi-deck in Sunshine now featuring a solar PV array and electric vehicle charging stations. Situated just 20km from Melbourne’s CBD, the rising population in Sunshine has caused the Council to reconsider power sources and supplies to the area. As the metropolis’s second-largest […]

Europe completes largest solar energy plant

Reported by Euro Weekly News, Europe has finally completed its biggest solar photovoltaic plant (solarPV), located in Spain. Iberdrola – the company responsible for the generation and supply of this plant – completed the project in a year, which is a record time for this kind of construction. Known as the  Núñez de Balboa project, […]

China sets sights on space-based solar energy plant

China is reportedly working on a solar energy plant to be based in space, where it will one day be able to send power back to Earth and potentially light up entire cities. Scientists are currently working on trying to overcome technical challenges that are holding back the problem. But it’s said that the project […]

Why we need to carefully reflect on the last decade

If we’re observing the last 10 years and the head way we’ve made in greenhouse gas emissions, we sadly need to reassess. If it’s the only solid measurement we need to care about in terms of climate change, then, we may just be in trouble as they continue to rise. Unfortunately, we’ve lost another decade […]

South Australia’s focus on cleaner energy delivers lowers prices

In a state-first, South Australia has established cheaper wholesale power than any of region across the country. Recently shifting across to 50 per cent more clean energy lead the state to create the lowest average wholesale prices for national electricity over the last two months. An audit published by the Australia Institute noted South Australia […]