Electric raindrops? New solar cell design harvests energy from rain

Critics of solar energy like to point out a fundamental flaw in photovoltaic technology: it doesn’t work in the rain. But now a team of Chinese researchers have created a solar cell that harvests energy from raindrops. The hybrid device works by collecting spare electrons from falling droplets of water so it derives solar energy […]

CEFC and Mirvac help buyers slash power bills with solar included homes

A new solar energy program will help Mirvac home buyers save up to 90 per cent of their power bills using built-in solar and battery storage in solar included homes. Solar panel and battery storage systems are part of a range of power-saving applications featured in the joint Mirvac-Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) venture. In […]

Rooftop solar array installed by Sydney Markets is largest private one in Southern Hemisphere

Sydney Markets in Flemington has just installed the largest ever rooftop solar array for a private company in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Market management expects to save millions of dollars each year in electricity costs through the rooftop solar panel installation. Sydney Markets is strongly committed to recycling and reducing waste and […]

Queensland creates home solar battery database

The Queensland government is creating a solar battery database as part of its register of home solar installations. State electricity companies are offering a one-off $50 payment to encourage home solar battery owners to register their batteries on the database. The news comes as the AEMC is developing its own proposal for a national database of home storage […]

Community groups invited to apply for solar funding

Solar funding is now available for community organisations in regional Australia to install solar panel and battery systems. Round 2 of the Solar Communities Program is releasing $2.2 million in federal grants for eligible community groups to install small-scale solar power. Grants between $2,500 and $12,500 are available for community groups in eligible regions that […]

Householders opt for larger, more efficient rooftop solar energy systems

Australian householders are choosing to “max out” their rooftop solar energy systems with as many solar panels as they can fit, a new report claims. According to Green Energy Markets (GEM), this has subsequently caused a classification shift. Systems of 10-15 kW are now classed as residential systems rather than commercial. This is because the […]

Community solar power bank in Western Australia breaks new ground

An innovative trial in Mandurah, WA, will see a new community power bank offering households new energy storage options. The 12-month trial will subsequently allow local customers with solar power panels the opportunity to ‘bank’ the excess power they create to use later. Mandurah City Council unanimously voted to set up Meadow Springs Community Power […]

How to deal with solar feed-in tariff changes

We all know them. The neighbour who got solar years ago and is still dining out on hefty feed-in tariffs (FiT) and getting solar rebates. But the truth is, those early adopters paved the way for the more efficient, cheaper solar panels that we have today, so even with solar feed-in tariff changes, you can […]