Australia’s electricity sector could be 100% renewable by 2030: ANU analysis

Australia’s electricity sector could consist of 100% renewable energy by 2030, according to new analysis from the Australian National University. Data contained in an ANU report shows that during 2018/19 Australia will install around 10,400 MW of renewable energy generation. This new capacity is split between 7,200 MW of large-scale solar and wind power, together with […]

Australia bucks climate change consensus at Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru

Climate change is our region’s single greatest threat, according to a declaration by Pacific Islands Forum members. However, Australia tried to water down this key climate change statement at the regional forum in Nauru this week, the Guardian reports. Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga revealed that resistance to the climate change statement came from a country […]

Origin Energy launches 5 MW virtual power plant in Victoria

Origin Energy has announced plans to build a 5 MW virtual power plant (VPP) connecting 650 Victorian residents with solar PV and home battery systems. Victoria’s Labor Government provided $4.5 million to support the project and the grant forms part of Labor’s $10 million Microgrid Demonstration Initiative. The plan is to build a further eight microgrids […]

Solar Homes rebate ‘early Christmas present’ for Victorian households

Delighted Campbells Creek resident Terry Murphy says the new Victorian Solar Homes rebate is an “early Christmas present”. Murphy installed a 4 kW solar panel system at his home, just south of Bendigo, after hearing about the state government solar rebate scheme from community solar advocates More Australian Solar Homes (MASH). MASH and similar organisations […]

Coffs Harbour climate action group goes bananas at PM’s Big Battery dis

A Coffs Harbour solar and climate action group will send a message to Prime Minister Scott Morrison this weekend, which they say is payback for a disparaging comment he made about renewable energy last year. Morrison’s past attitude to renewables has included bringing a lump of coal into Parliament and likening South Australia’s Big Battery […]

CER and industry join forces to develop Solar Panel Validation Initiative

With stories of cheap, sub-standard solar panels surfacing in the media now and then, it’s important customers know they are getting good quality equipment with their solar installations. This is now easier to do with the Solar Panel Validation Initiative (SPVI). The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) partnered with industry to develop the tool, which is designed […]

Smart solar street lights reduce emissions and cut local council costs

A new generation of LED solar street lights is helping local governments make smarter choices about their energy use. That’s one of the reports from the 2018 Smart City Expo held in Melbourne this week. LED developer Matthew Jones told Government News that because street lights are the single largest source of emissions from local […]