Australia’s rooftop solar sector reeling in a renewable revolution

Across the nation, both residential and commercial spaces are making the move to solar power, in a bid to access cheaper energy as power bills continue to skyrocket. So far, the adoption has been successful and it’s only going to further boom as technology and developments continue to expand its growth. Already a leader in […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like a green Christmas

This year has seen the headlines packed full of demands and warnings around climate change action. We’ve seen politicians go face to face in debates alongside Greta Thunberg, and we’ve watched as some countries began to take the charge, while others diminished their solar power efforts. It’s been a big year for clean energy overall, […]

The CEFC provides investment for smaller-scale renewable energy developments

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has put forward up to $50 million in debt finance towards a number of smaller utility renewable developments. The intention is to benefit regional communities and sectors across industrial and commercial energy consumers. Renewable developments that generate around 25MW or less are more ideally located in regional communities, mostly […]

Carbon dioxide pollution hits record high: so who’s to blame?

This year hasn’t exactly seen as much progress in the battle against climate change as we wouldn’t have expected, or desired. While furious debates centred around the likes of Greta Thunberg and other activists have given rise to more awareness, it’s the lack of action – in comparison to words – that’s now leaving us […]

ARENA launches $15 million in funding to improve solar system quality

The Australian Governments official body for renewables – the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced a distribution of funding that will see $15 million spans across research for the field. It aims to address issues relating to end-of-life challenges in solar PV panel and increase their cost-efficiency. With hopes that the deployment of these […]

The top renewable energy countries revealed

As time goes on, the push for climate change action and a cleaner future for energy continues to gain momentum. The news headlines are plagued with warnings, demands and suggestions from bodies, media, politicians and activists all vying to create a sustainable era. And now, with greater emphasis placed on transitioning into renewable energy to […]

Maryvale solar farm gets the green light

Recently shifting its focus towards renewables, New South Wales has passed through another large-scale renewables project, approving a 125MW (AC) solar farm in Maryvale. The $188 million project will be situated near Wellington admist the state’s Central-West Renewable Energy Zone. The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment said the project was  assessed on its […]

Why Australia needs to triple renewable energy plants by 2040

Australia requires more than a dozen developments in renewable energy in order to offset the loss of more than 60 percent of coal power plants across the country. Over the next two decades, these plants will shut their doors, leading to a significant need for action across renewables. In addition, a huge upgrade of electricity […]

Postcode zone changes to start on January 1, 2020

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (AEMO) has declared several changes will take effect on January 1, impacting postcode zones for solar power system installations. It’s expected that these alterations will affect the amount of subsidy on offer to certain regions. The solar rebate – which is also Australia’s primary PV subsidy – is currently formed on […]

How solar energy’s success is causing headaches for WA

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMA) – the body in charge of running Western Australia’s primary electricity market – wants the opportunity to direct excess solar power from residential properties to help stabilise the grid. This will cut the bill rebates residents receive but maybe the answer to avoiding surging levels of renewable energy that […]