Could the solar power boom mean the end of feed-in tariffs?

The solar power boom may be leading to government subsidies such as feed-in-tariffs becoming less viable, according to an ABC News report. This is due to the possibility of an energy oversupply. Basic economics says that once you have an excess of a thing, it loses some of its value. This could mean that if […]

Yarra Glen wants businesses for free rooftop solar panel installations

The picturesque Victorian town of Yarra Glen wants local businesses to generate clean energy, and plans to encourage it by offering free solar panels. Yarra Glen’s grassroots renewable energy group, Yarra Glenergy, is looking for businesses to install solar panels at no upfront cost. Yarra Glenergy will then sell power generated by the panels to […]

Clean Energy Regulator data shows record solar installations in 2017

There was record solar installations nationwide with over 9,500 solar panels a day installed on Australian household rooftops in 2017, according to data from the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). This represents over 1,050 megawatts (MW) of total capacity – and is expected to increase during 2018. The data also showed a doubling of the size […]

Does Australia need a national home solar batteries register?

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is seeking submissions on a proposed national register of solar home batteries in Australia. The home solar batteries register would also include records of small-scale rooftop solar installations and solar storage batteries across the country. The initial proposal for the register came from the COAG Energy Council. Its main […]

Parkes Shire Council wants to build its own virtual solar network

Parkes Shire Council in NSW wants to build on its existing solar assets and develop the shire’s own virtual solar network. This would allow the council to sell solar power generated at one site to other council-owned buildings which lack a renewable power source. This would then create the council’s own electricity grid within the existing […]

Drop in clean energy prices due to Renewable Energy Target: CEC

Clean energy prices are down and still falling due to the federal Renewable Energy Target (RET), according to a leading industry body. The RET will reduce the national power bill by hundreds of dollars a year over the next decade, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) claims. However, the RET is due to end in 2020. […]

Queensland rooftop solar to the rescue in record-breaking heatwave

Australia’s Energy Market Operator (AEMO) says Queensland rooftop solar relieved stress on the electricity grid during the state’s record-breaking heatwave. Temperatures soared to nine degrees above average across the state early last month. In fact, meteorologists had to go back to 1935 to find a day when the state average was above 40 degrees. However, from […]

8 electricity generators make Top 10 list of CO2 emitters

Eight businesses in the Top 10 CO2 emitters list for 2016-17 are electricity generators. The top CO2 emitters are according to a report from the Clean Energy Regulator released yesterday. The ‘2016–17 National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting’ data also showed a slow-down of 0.5 per cent of emissions. Although Australia’s electricity generators have reduced their […]