NSW’s Bold Emissions Targets Put Morrison Government on Notice

The NSW Coalition government has introduced new ambitious targets to cut the state’s emissions in half this decade. Setting a new goal of a 50 per cent cut from 2005 levels, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian unveiled the state’s plans to be a “renewable energy superpower” and attract more than $37 billion in clean energy investment […]

Solar Hot Water Systems: Will They Work When There is a Blackout?

In Australian homes, hot water is something often taken for granted—until it runs out, that is! Having a reliable hot water supply usually comes with a hefty price-tag – in fact, conventional hot water heaters typically account for a whopping 30% of household energy use and are significant carbon emitters. Investing in a solar hot […]

Developing Australia’s Blue Economy: How Offshore Wind Farms Could End the Fossil Fuel Era

Offshore wind farms are poised to become Australia’s newest source of renewable energy. In long-awaited news for the offshore wind industry, the Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor finally tabled an offshore wind bill in Parliament. The bill will establish a regulatory framework for the industry, paving the way for numerous proposed projects. A recent […]

Solar Panels vs Generators for Off-Grid Camping

For many Australians, there are few greater pleasures in life than the lure of the open road and exploring the rugged splendour of our beautiful country. Whether by caravan, camper van, RV or the good ole faithful tent or swag, camping is an Australian institution that is here to stay. Australia is expansive, with more […]

The Power of Possibility: Renewable Energy Transformation in South Australia

Imagine a future where renewable sources provide all of our energy needs. In South Australia, that possibility isn’t too far from reality. The “Power of Possibility” is the theme behind a new advertising campaign launched by SA Power Networks. The campaign celebrates South Australia’s global leadership in integrating renewable energy sources into the state’s energy […]

10kW Solar Installations: The Future “Sweet Spot” For Australian Homeowners?

In recent years, solar installations have been getting bigger and more powerful. While 5kW systems used to dominate the residential market, the average size of a solar installation in 2021 is now 6.6kW, which is generally considered the “sweet spot” for most Australians. However, there are reasons why this might be changing… Solar installers across […]

Victorian Solar Industry Enters Two Week Snap Lockdown: Government Urges Installers to Get Vaccinated

In line with the Andrews government’s snap decision yesterday to lockdown the construction industry for two weeks following claims of non-compliance and violent protests in the Melbourne CBD, the residential solar industry is being instructed to put down the tools. According to latest reports, the lockdown affects work sites across Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Mitchell Shire […]