Australia’s energy consumption down as renewables rise

Despite the effects of COVID-19, developments across large-scale renewable projects have been consistent and in abundance across Australia. This is especially the case for rooftop solar, where panels have even seen Australia’s power supply become more reliable, proving that summer blackouts may not be as prevalent this season. Additionally, less commercial sites utilising energy has […]

SunPower and Maxeon Solar Technologies complete its division

Ending the week on some big news, SunPower and Maxeon Solar Technologies have just announced the strategic transaction from November 2019 has been completed, which sees both names now separated as two independent public companies. Moving forward, both will set their sights on what their announcement labelled as “critical success factors for their respective business […]

Good energy: ALDI moves into the renewables market

ALDI Australia has put its foot in the door of the renewables electricity market with the announcement that all stores and warehouses will be powered by these cleaner sources of energy from 2021. Since its launch here 19 years ago, the supermarket giant has been committed to shifting its reliance on fossil fuels towards greener, […]

Australia’s emissions could be 10 per cent higher than initially thought

Right now, greenhouse gases across Australia are responsible for an inaccurate national emissions figure, underestimating it by around 10 per cent. According to several sources – including The Guardian – this is primarily due to an error in judging the impact of methane that’s released during stages of production. Recently, energy and emissions reduction minister, […]

Western Australia welcomes largest solar farm

The 132 MWdc Merredin Solar Farm – now Western Australia’s most notable renewables icon – links up to the grid to generate 100 per cent capacity to meet demands across the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). Expected to churn out 274GWh of electricity every year, the Merredin Solar farm carries the potential to power around […]

Queensland’s renewable energy boom

Queensland hasn’t been short on press for recent renewable energy developments, especially as more and more industries – including healthcare – continue to push solar power uptake. This week, the Sunday Morning Herald reported that the state is well on track to become the next big ‘superpower’ for renewables, carrying the potential to create more […]

QLD healthcare industry pushes for solar developments on hospitals

A collective of health and medical organisations across Queensland are calling for the state government to install rooftop solar and battery developments across hospitals over the next 12 months. Forming an alliance between the AMA Queensland, Climate and Health Alliance and Doctors for the Environment and Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union, the three bodies have […]

Impressive solar energy facts we bet you didn’t know

There’s no doubt that the solar industry is exploding, despite recent setbacks across all sectors from the ever-present COVID-19 pandemic. We can attribute the success of this form of renewable largely to three primary factors: Cost-effective / competitive pricing Increased efficiency More demand for renewables to cater to these two needs But despite making its […]

Alice Springs moves into the renewable game

The green light has been given for a two-year project, valued at $9.3 million for Alice Springs, and destined to be partially funded by the federal government. Titled the ‘Alice Springs Future Grid project’ the development will allow for a proactive pathway towards introducing renewable energy technology into the local network. Currently, only a small […]