NT to Singapore cable still on the cards

There’s no surprise to the fact that Australia is now the world’s third-largest exporter of fossil fuels. And this is becoming more of a driving force as debates around climate change continue to dominate politics. Our economy is hugely reliant on gas and coal exports and creating sufficient revenue streams from them. But these fuels […]

Why we need to introduce grid stability now

Recently we reported on the dire need for grid resources, especially in communities that have felt the effects of bushfires, floods and extreme weather conditions.  Experts have made it well known that the grid needs an expansion of infrastructure and further stability, in order to ensure Australia’s electricity network is able to remain sufficiently operational.  […]

New technology generates electricity out of thin air 24/7

According to Science Daily, scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have constructed a gadget that utilises natural protein to generate electricity from the air’s moisture. This new technology could have huge implications for the future of renewables, as well as climate change action and even the medical field. Electrical engineer Jun Yao, combined with […]

IKEA gears up to sell solar power in Australia

We’ve got a lot to look forward to for solar power in 2020, and IKEA’s highly anticipated range is among the list of goodies set to hit the market. The cost-efficient, lowly priced panels will be available across the country in April, which comes seven years after the range was initially introduced to international markets.  […]

Could ‘solar skins’ power our cities and vehicles?

If there’s one thing we can look forward to for the renewable future, it’s the concept of cities and vehicles powered by their very own sources. Currently in hot discussion, innovations known as ‘solar skins’ or ‘paint’ may just be the next big thing for both the manufacturing of more sustainable vehicles and buildings. Research […]

Tesla opens orders to Australia for solar roofs

It’s been a long time coming, but Tesla has finally given the green light on its highly anticipated solar roofs, with v3 now finalised for the market.  Head over to the site and you’ll now see the company sporting a flashy ‘Order’ button for Australian consumers looking to add value to their property. While the […]

The power is in your hands with sonnen’s ground-breaking solar battery

Australia’s energy market is changing but to take full advantage, home owners, renovators and builders need to be plugged into solar. With sophisticated monitoring technology, the latest systems can take advantage of new pricing conditions. “The middle of the day, not the middle of the night, is becoming the new off-peak period,” says Scott White, […]