How Australia’s electricity grid must prepare for a life without coal

We have used coal to generate electricity since the 1880s. The tide is rapidly shifting towards renewable energy sources like wind and solar – so is the existing National Electricity Market (NEM) ready to handle that? This current network includes around 40,000km of transmission lines and cables, and supplies around 200 terawatt-hours of electricity to […]

How have emission rates changed since the Paris Agreement?

The world drew a line in the sand in 2015 when over 180 nations signed the Paris Agreement. It was a watershed moment where most countries signed the legally-binding treaty, and agreed to save our planet by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and reversing climate change. Since 2015 the number of nations signed on to […]

What does sustainability look like in the workplace?

Moving towards sustainable workplaces will be necessary for a net-zero carbon future, but simply installing recycling bins and encouraging car-pooling is not going to cut it. To make our workplaces genuinely sustainable, there need to be some significant changes in behaviours and the structures where we work. Here are some of the top ways you […]

Soil may not absorb as much carbon as we first thought

It has been a long-held belief that soil can absorb enormous amounts of carbon. This has been praised as one of our greatest weapons in the fight against climate change. The process is achieved through sequestration, where CO2 is naturally absorbed in large volumes from the atmosphere through biological, chemical and physical processes. Many attempts […]

Why Australia is flooding more than ever, due to climate change

One of the significant counter-arguments against global warming is that extreme weather events have always been a thing in Australia. You only have to look through the history books to see instances of floods, fire, cyclones, and more that have devastated large cities, regional areas, and rural communities. While our country has always been subject […]

Hydrogen energy could be coming to South Australia

When we talk about renewables and sustainable resources, our minds get drawn to wind, solar power and sometimes water projects that are rapidly taking over from fossil fuel-based electricity worldwide. However, another form of clean power is hydrogen. The South Australian Labor opposition has announced it will bring this energy to the state if elected […]

Indian fossil fuel giants to abandon coal for solar power

The move towards renewable sources from carbon-emitting fuels is gathering serious momentum worldwide, and now the largest coal company on the planet is joining the transition. Coal India Limited (CIL) has announced that it will join forces with NLC India to invest in a 3000Mw project, and has the ultimate goal of closing down its […]