Sydney man beats blackout: Tesla Powerwall 2 kicks in to power home

Imagine being the only one in your street with power as Sydney blackouts hit home on the hottest day of summer so far. Eastern suburbs resident Carl Prins enjoyed this experience yesterday. The reason? His solar-powered Tesla Powerwall 2 battery kicked in as 45,000 homes and businesses in Sydney’s eastern suburbs lost power due to a […]

Senate Committee calls for national electric vehicle strategy

A Senate Committee report has called for a national electric vehicle strategy to boost the number of EVs on Australian roads. In a sweeping report, the Select Committee on Electric Vehicles makes 17 recommendations to increase EV uptake in Australia. The committee’s report says Australia risks falling behind other nations because of a failure by […]

Australia will need to do more to meet emissions targets: OECD report

While PM Scott Morrison believes Australia will meet its emissions targets “at a canter”, the latest international assessment begs to differ. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  (OECD) just published its third Environmental Performance Report of Australia. The OECD found Australia has one of the highest rates of non-renewable energy use among its 36 […]

Queenslanders cut back essentials to pay costly summer power bills: iSelect

Many Queensland households are cutting back on essentials like groceries to help them cover their upcoming summer power bills. That’s the finding of YouGov Galaxy research commissioned  by price comparison site iSelect. It reveals 1.1 million Queenslanders struggling to pay energy bills. This means 63 per cent of Queenslanders are making cutbacks ahead of the […]

AGL chief says Federal Government ‘big stick’ approach to energy market is ‘draconian’

Energy giant AGL says the Morrison Government’s proposed big stick energy regulations will damage Australia’s energy market. In a submission to government, AGL says the ‘Treasury Laws Amendment (Prohibiting Energy Market Misconduct) Bill 2018’, currently before the House of Representatives, will make the electricity grid less reliable. It referred to the proposed penalties as “extreme and […]

Townsville powers up first community-scale battery in the Sunshine State

A large-scale Townsville battery will be Queensland’s first grid-scale battery to back up a transition toward solar and renewable energy. Excess energy from 20,000 local solar power systems will charge the 4 MW Tesla battery during the day, providing residents with steady power during peak load periods. In addition, the Queensland government has singled out energy […]

Tech giants lead as global corporations break clean energy records: Bloomberg

Tech giants Facebook and Google led the renewable charge in 2018 as global corporations broke clean energy records. Corporations worldwide bought 13.4 gigawatts of renewable energy through long-term contracts, Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports. This more than doubled 2017 figures, shattering previous records. Facebook Inc accounted for more than 2.6 GW of clean energy deals […]