China announces space project to send energy back to Earth

Space was famously described as the final frontier in the science fiction classic Star Trek. Now, there are bold plans for solar panels to go where no renewable energy source has gone before, with China announcing plans to send panels into space. China is developing plans to launch an entire solar energy plant closer to […]

Northern Territory gears up to be emissions-free by 2050

Australian states and territories are leading the way when it comes to climate policy, with the Northern Territory becoming the latest to outline a target for zero emissions. While countries around the world have been setting climate policies and targets to achieve by 2050, there has been a vacuum of national policy in Australia with […]

Gearing Up for Clean Energy Open Day 2019

Whether you’re there for a good old snag on bread or a healthy dish of renewable energy knowledge, the Clean Energy Open Day is sure to provide a glimpse into the ever-changing landscape of clean energy. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is hosting its inaugural event across 15 locations around Australia on Sunday 27th of […]

kW vs kWh: how knowing the difference can help slash your energy bill

The difference between kW and kWh can be complicated and not something that is commonly known by the average household in Australia. In fact, many energy experts still wrestle with the differences between the two. But understanding what these terms mean will give you a huge insight into properly reading your electricity bills and understanding […]

Cleaning solar panels: why, when and how you should do it

Cleaning solar panels: why, when and how you should do it Clean panels are efficient panels. We like to keep our windows clean so why should solar panels cleaning be any exception? The question is really when you need to offer a bit of solar panel care and how. Solar panel maintenance is a question […]

Australia poised to export solar energy to Singapore

Australia could soon become a world-leader in exporting renewable energy with plans to transport solar power to Singapore. Sun Cable is the company behind the bold move, which aims to farm the power at a 15,000-hectare site at Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. It will then send the energy to Singapore via an underwater […]

Google practices what it preaches, with massive renewable energy purchase

As Australians gathered together in protest for the global movement, known as #climatestrike, Google announced it’s most recent purchase: the largest corporate purchase of renewables in history. Comprised mostly of solar-related projects, it includes a whopping 1,600-megawatt (MW) of renewables. Once these projects are complete, it will increase Google’s total portfolio to 5,500 MW and […]