Carbon emissions slowly on the rise

Recently publicised research is demonstrating that carbon emissions have gone through another increase this year, although more slowly than the previous two years. Fossil fuels are projected to see an increase of 0.6 per cent in emissions during 2019, reaching approximately 37 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. The report was conducted by the University of […]

Australia to see nation-wide power price cuts over the next three years

Published by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), forecasts are demonstrating that continuous price falls are inevitable in the near future. These cuts are likely to be driven by the increasing supply of renewable energy and sufficient generation across the electricity market. The AEMC predicts that more investments into battery technology, as well as solar […]

What would happen if these three giant companies switched to renewable energy?

A recent report noting the enormous amount of energy consumption by three notable organisations – Woolworths, Telstra and Coles – shows that switching to renewables could create a huge boom in job opportunities across Australia. More than 4000 jobs would be on offer, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific, as highlighted in their REenergise campaign. It emphasised […]

Amazon to build huge solar energy farms after climate backlash

Amazon has recently announced it will build three major solar farms situated in Virginia, Illinois and Spain. The investments come as part of the company’s pledge to tick off 80 per cent renewable energy by the year 2024. It also has hopes to achieve 100 per cent renewables by 2030. The farms will power the […]

Small Victorian town set to become off-grid prototype

Situated in an abundance of remote high country, Licola Wilderness Village is set to become the first town in Victoria to turn completely off-grid with their source of solar energy. Historically powered by diesel generators, the town is 50 kilometres to the closest electricity grid, making the development a welcomed one.  CEO and operations manager […]

Noosa Shire Council flaunts flexible solar panels

The advancements of the solar energy industry have evolved significantly over recent years, so the concept of flexible solar panels never seemed like a far off idea. But now, PV technology is flaunting its stuff across Noosa Shire Council, where the region is demonstrating its flexible, new innovations. Installed in the library in Noosaville, a […]

Could Australia be reindustrialised with 500% renewables?

When it comes to renewable energy, there’s no denying it that Australia has the advantage. Our stance in the field has us positioned as a forerunner, but is it possible that we could become a global clean energy superpower? The chances are not slim – we have the output and the commitments to make it […]

Solar panel installations cost to increase from 1 Jan 2020

STC support from Australia’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme will be decreased in 2020, causing an increase in the cost of solar panel installations across the nation. The scheme awards several small-scale technology certificates (STCs) to households and businesses that install solar panels. The size of the  system determines the number of STCs for the system. The […]

Victoria’s Whitehorse City Council to get more solar energy

The Whitehorse City Council is actioning an energy performance contract (EPC) worth $2 million, across eight of its current sites. It comes in a bid to improve energy efficiency across the region. Situated 15km from Melbourne’s CBD, the Council is a major hub for both residential and commercial contexts. It plays home to more than […]

Bill Gates backs solar energy breakthrough, achieving 1000-degree heat

He may be the king of Microsoft, but Bill Gates’ contribution to solar energy has already breakthroughs exceeding initial expectations. Through a new startup, Gates and the team have managed to capture solar energy more than ever before, creating enough heat from a multitude of mirrored panels. This field then drives the production of glass, […]