This is the new world record for solar energy efficiency

Positioned in the US, scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have set their sights on a whole new world record for the industry. They’ve put their focus on producing a solar cell that’s able to convert light into a source of electricity, all the while maintaining 50 per cent efficiency. According to Renew […]

Truth vs. fact: The biggest solar myths busted

There’s a lot of conversation and controversy around renewable energy, especially as the climate crisis continues to expand. But the innovations and advancements in the industry have also been tenfold, powering up new opportunities for the global market. However, separating the truth from the myths is half the challenge, and we commonly hear misconceptions about […]

Community-driven plans for solar energy hit WA

Western Australian customers are set to be the first in the country to use community-focused Powerbanks. Designed to be used as a ‘neighbourhood battery’, these developments fall under the Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap, in a bid to support rooftop solar and batteries as a primary source of electricity. Powerbanks let customers store excess electricity generated […]

NT gets a $6,000 grant for home batteries and other solar solutions

According to One Step Off The Grid, the Northern Territory government has introduced a program titled the Business Battery Scheme (HBBS) for households and companies across the state. The scheme will see $6,000 delivered across the state, installing an equivalent of 7kWh in battery storage, as a means to reduce how much energy is needed […]

Spain’s solar energy market hits records during COVID-19 lockdown

Spain’s PV sector broke historical records in the last month after the country was ordered into lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19. Grid operator REE noted that the innovations in the field are “lighting the path” to a new transition to cleaner energy sources in the country, especially after data proved generation reached 1.04TWh […]

Clean energy trends upwards in Australia despite COVID-19

Despite the drastic effects of COVID-19 still making itself at home across the country, Australia’s seeing some significant shifts in clean energy, with a steep uptake now taking place in all corners. Here are the most notable changes we’re seeing across this sector.   Electric and hybrid vehicles on the rise In car sales, both […]

Help is here: Introducing the Energy Efficient Communities Program

Designed to deliver $40 million in grants for the community, the Energy Efficient Communities Program will contribute to the lowering of energy bills and emissions reductions across the country. Developed by the government, the intention is to support businesses by cutting down on energy costs, helping them save through a number of tactics, including: Upgrading […]

What if we had a power outage right now?

Across the globe, we’ve transformed the way we’ve had to work on a day-to-day basis. We’re sitting at our kitchen tables, smashing away at the keys, all the while juggling the kids or overly-clingy dogs that are all too happy to have us home. This is the reality of working from home during the COVID-19 […]

Coronavirus and working from home: Using technology for communication

Recently we’ve covered a lot of tips and tricks to maximising your time in isolation, due to social distancing rules around COVID-19. As a nation, it’s important we stick to actioning these, doing our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread while we can. This also means working from home for non-essential services […]

How to adapt your household living during COVID-19

The way we’re used to living is changing. What we know to be our daily lifestyle – from routine to structure and minimal unknowns – has been thrown to the wind. Everything we knew about the way we work individually is no longer ‘norm’. And for families, this is even more of a life-changing difference, […]