Liquid metal battery to provide clean energy storage for electricity grid

Researchers at Stanford University have created a new liquid metal battery that could store clean energy for the electricity grid. The new concept uses liquid metal in a special type of rechargeable battery called a flow battery, CleanTechnica reports. As our power generators transition to wind and solar, the goal is to develop powerful batteries that […]

Flex PowerPlay and the energy saving smart home revolution

What do you want from your smart home? A robotic  fridge that delivers you an ice cold beer when you’re watching the footy? Or a house that’s so energy efficient that you have no bills. The answer to both these questions is almost certainly ‘Yes!’. This Energy Matters post will ask you to hold that […]

Government could save billions with solar panels: AEMO

Solar panel systems and battery storage could save the Federal Government $4 billion, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator. AEMO Managing Director Audrey Zibelman told 2GB radio’s Ross Greenwood that distributed power resources and energy storage can achieve these additional savings in a “transforming” market. AEMO’s ‘Integrated System Plan’ report released this week shows investment in transmission rather […]

Queensland clean energy investment: 21% renewable energy by 2019

Unprecedented Queensland clean energy investment means 21 per cent of the state’s energy production will be renewable by 2019. According to Queensland Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham, this equals 2,164 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) says this could power more than 800,000 homes in the state. The state has an […]

Killer coal: doctor points out health benefits of clean energy

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report into Australia’s electricity prices has prompted a doctor to point out the health benefits of solar power and the downside of unhealthy coal. Dr Graeme McLeay is a retired anaesthetist and member of Doctors for the Environment. He says those looking to justify the use of coal-fired power […]