Privatisation and federal government ‘big stick’ push electricity prices up: Australia Institute report

Waste in the privatised electricity market is forcing electricity price increases by more than $200 per year for the average consumer. That’s the verdict of a report by the Australia Institute. ‘The Costs of Market Experiments’ report also claims the Morrison Government’s ‘big stick’ approach to correct bad market practice will make things worse. That’s […]

Surviving summer heatwaves: 4 ways to keep your cool

Those of us in the south-east will be experiencing a heatwave this week. In Adelaide, for example, a maximum of 45 degrees is forecast today, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Port Augusta in South Australia is also in for a hot one with the mercury tipped to reach 49! Apart from concerns about bushfires, […]

CEC 2018 report: A record year for renewable energy trends in Australia

Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) has produced a summary of renewable energy trends that emerged in 2018. It signals a positive future for renewables, with solar power growing in popularity and helping to drive down energy prices. CEC chief executive Kane Thornton described 2018 as a record year and “an amazing time” for the clean energy […]

Australian energy milestone: Renewable energy sources displacing black coal

Renewable energy sources are for the first time displacing black coal power in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). That’s according to the latest National Energy Emissions Audit for 2019 from the Australia Institute. It reports that, in the year December 2017-18, grid renewable generation grew by almost a third, reaching 17.6 per cent of total […]

Fast charging NSW electric vehicle points if Berejiklian Government re-elected

The New South Wales Liberal-National Party coalition Government will invest millions in major NSW electric vehicle infrastructure if it wins the state election on Saturday, March 23, 2019. The Gladys Berejiklian led Government has pledged to support fast charging EV points, trial electric bus services and higher representation of EVs and hybrids in government fleets. […]