Australia overshoots its renewable energy target

Australia has recently overshot its renewable energy goal for 2020 by almost 1GW. Since collecting enough completed projects to meet the target by the end of August, the latest data from the Clean Energy Regulator noted the achievement. The CER said in its October 2019 large-scale generation certificate market update that at the closing of […]

Why Buying Australian-Made Home Batteries Benefits Everyone

When Holden exited automobile manufacturing in Elizabeth, South Australia in October 2017, it spelt the end of manufacturing at Elizabeth with a history dating back as far back as World War I. With a burning desire to restore the glory of manufacturing in South Australia, sonnen laid the foundations at the former Holden factory – […]

Global takeup of renewables to see a 50 per cent expansion

The world is acting on climate science and the threat of carbon emissions to the environment, seeing nations shift their focus towards renewables. The takeup of solar power is expected to see a 50 per cent global rise in the adoption of renewables, but wind and hydropower projects are also being constructed at a rapid […]

India pushing public sector companies to embrace renewable energy

India’s move away from fossil fuels has taken another significant step forward with its government ordering its public sector companies to buy renewables. The Asian nation is one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels – along with China – with almost 75 per cent of the country’s power coming from coal. India is also […]

Tesla’s solar roof proves cheaper than a new roof

Telsa has officially launched its third version of its solar roof tile, made specifically for residential use. CEO Elon Musk said in a media conference that the company will begin installations in the next few weeks, with some installations already kicking off. It hopes to increase production up to 1,000 new roofs every week. What […]