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First Hydrogen System Pilots in Northern Territory, Australia On Track to Become the Major Global Producer of Green Hydrogen  

Charles Darwin University has signed an agreement with the West Australian company Hybrid Systems Australia to deliver the pilot 5 kW fuel cell with 8 kWh of a hydrogen storage system.  The system will be operational for industry partners, students, and researchers, further developing and commercialising hydrogen as an energy source. It will be placed […]

Temperature Spikes Due to Heatwave in the UK and Australia Good for Solar Panels? Not Really

The UK has been experiencing recent temperature spikes with highs of over 40 degrees Celsius. Several parts of Europe experienced weather-related disruptions due to the heatwave, schuss fires, travel delays, and death. But what does this mean to solar panels?  It’s easy to assume that high temperatures mean good news for solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. […]

Solar Energy Outpaces Coal In Australia For The First Time

Over the weekend, Australia reached a new milestone in renewable energy. More than half of the country’s electricity generation came from solar power. On this page: When will renewables replace fossil fuels in Australia? How can I reduce my use of fossil fuels? Home Transport Food For a brief moment on Sunday afternoon, while demand […]