Energy Matters Key Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Roshan Ramnarain

Joined: 2020

Roshan is a quick-minded, creative, and analytical leader who thrives on making a difference in both business outcomes and people. He has a proven history of continuous career progression in the Energy and Renewable industry spanning over 20 years in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Roshan has worked with a number of leading Solar and Energy Retailers, achieving real, measurable results in these fast-paced and constantly evolving industries.

Roshan is a highly effective and strategic leader with an exceptionally high EQ. His capacity to think on his feet and make things happen, as well as his commitment to a zero-carbon future, is a huge asset to Energy Matters.

Nicole Stegmann - Media Manager for Energy Matters

Media Manager

Nicole Stegmann

Joined: 2021

Since 2011, Nicole has been involved in the renewable energy sector, initially working at the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency in their contact centre. With extensive experience spanning decades as a graphic designer, videographer, photographer, copy and content writer, and web designer, she channels her enthusiasm for design and the environment into every aspect of her work.