Why Energy Matters

Energy Matters - A Trusted Name For Solar Installations

By being an advocate for sustainable, affordable and greener energy solutions, we provide a trusted one-stop-shop resource to consumers, industry specialists, manufacturers and environmentalists.

Step 1 is for the world to be powered by solar or other renewable energy sources. For this to occur, renewable energy must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to home owners, schools, community groups and businesses.

The most knowledgeable solar staff in Australia

Energy Matters was one of the first dedicated solar energy solution providers in Australia. We have solid experience with installing nearly every solar product under the sun. So you know you are receiving quality when you buy from one of Energy Matters partners. They only source products that have been tested in the harsh Australian conditions so that they install a solar system that will last the test of time and best suits your needs. Get a quote today via our online solar quote tool.

The best-accredited and local installers

Since Energy Matters was founded in 2005, and as a retailer, we installed over 23,000 quality solar panel systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings. We has one of the largest number of accredited (Clean Energy Council) installers working with us with extensive experience working with home and commercial solar panel systems in Australia. 

Energy Matters was the sole supplier to New South Wales Government Departments. We are an award winning company and well recognised in the industry, actively participating as members in leading industry associations. This is a true testament of our passion to solar power.

No longer a retailer, we connect Australians with trusted, local installers.

CEC Code of conduct founding signatory

Energy Matters was among the first Australian solar power retailers to sign on to the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC’s) Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct.

The Code aims to further enhance consumer confidence and consumer protection in the PV retail sector. It also aims to further improve solar retailer standards and compliance.