Our Causes

Energy Matters Foundation partners with a number of incredible causes who share the same vision of working towards a zero-carbon future. We aim to help make an impact on specific energy-related projects, both domestically and overseas. The fight against climate change is a global one so we are committed to helping where we can.

Group 231

How it Works

Everytime you decide to work with us, use one of our services or buy one of our products, you’re given the opportunity to donate to one of the many causes we support. Rest assured that we will be making a contribution on your behalf to one of the projects in need of financial support. 

Causes We Support


Why these foundations?

Energy Matters Marketplace is focused on collaborating with those that carry similar values to ours: helping the world to embrace a greener, cleaner future. So it goes without saying that we strive to work alongside like-minded foundations that are committed to making a difference to the world. Together, we can help our planet become free from carbon emissions.