Everything you need to know about solar powered garden lights

Outdoor lighting is a wonderful addition to any home and they come packed with a lot of features these days. They can be used for decoration, to help guide you down pathways and to entrances in the dark, as safety features and more. Best of all, the market is packed full of solar-powered options, allowing you to up the game of your yard and garden easily.

Enjoy illumination at night that’s powered by the sun during the day, and less burden on your electricity consumption (and bills).

On another note, solar garden lights are also an excellent deterrent against burglars and intruders. They require no maintenance or care – just install them and let them do the rest. It’s literally that easy.

Explore these solar lights to put in your garden

Mounted lights: Just like regular options that you would install near doors for visibility, these products do much the same, except they have discrete solar panels located on the top. Charged during the day, it means you will have a soft glow at your entrances at night meaning no fumbling for your keys.

Christmas lighting: Dressing up your home for Christmas is a lot of fun and entire streets and suburbs like to take part in this. Using mains power for your Xmas lights, however, is a huge hit on the hip pocket (and even a fire hazard). Solar options are much safer and draw their own energy from the sun instead.

Torches: You can create the illusion of flickering flames with these torches, without the need for any actual fire. They’re also safer and means you don’t have to monitor them. Modern technology means they still look highly realistic and don’t rely on mains electricity to power up.

Decorative lighting: These are excellent for entertaining spaces like decks, patios, gazebos and more. Illuminate your outdoor spaces in style with zero hassle. You can dress your entertainment area up with these lanterns and leave them installed, or they can be moved to new spaces as needed.

Pathway lights: Brightening up paths and driveways looks fantastic at night and allows for safer navigation, whether you are bringing the car up the main drive of walking to your front door. Solar-powered designs are the best solution here, as they are exposed to sources of energy regularly. You don’t have to replace batteries or worry about them leaking, either.

String lighting: This is the best way to get your gardens looking absolutely breathtaking at night. Solar strings can be wrapped around trees to create a vivid effect and can be left out in all weather conditions.

Motion sensor designs: These can be used to provide short term illumination when you need to access your door. Alternatively, you can use them as a burglar deterrent.