How to convince your customers to install solar

Despite all of the benefits that solar systems offer, selling them to customers who aren’t yet savvy with the benefits can be a major challenge for installers. In many cases, they could be very close to committing and just need a little more information to make up their minds. Here are some ways to convince your target market to take the leap and install solar. 

Tap into their sense of social responsibility

Climate change is a genuine thing, and most of the world has committed to heading towards a net-zero carbon future by 2050. Solar panels will help residential and commercial customers drastically reduce their carbon footprint and make a substantial contribution towards carbon net-zero, the environment and a sustainable future. 

Convey rebates on offer – and that time is running out

As part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, eligible properties can get small-scale technology certificates (STCs) that they can use to reduce the cost of having solar power systems and panels installed.

The number of STCs that eligible properties receive is based on the system’s expected lifetime in an agreement called the deeming period. This deeming period is going down every year until 2030, though, so the best time to purchase systems and get the maximum rebate is now.

Come equipped with exact numbers

Everyone knows that this type of renewable energy saves hard-earned money on rising electricity bills. But some still baulk at the installation costs and up-front expenses.

Assess their energy needs and show them a tailored system that you can deliver to meet their individual financial needs. Use this simple solar calculator to determine these figures and give your potential customer the full story.

Use local case studies

Promising people’s solar system results is one thing, but showing them actual proof is another. Ensure that you get reviews and assemble case studies from happy customers to use them as proof that they are satisfied with their purchase. This can often inspire people to make the decision if they know their neighbours are happy and are already reaping the benefits.

Offer more than just the installation

Hard-selling technology can be challenging, and when it is boiled down in simple terms, that’s exactly what selling panels is. Help educate your potential customer by highlighting their energy use and assisting them with strategies to improve their carbon footprint. Using a smart metre, you can determine what times of day and night they are using the most power and which appliances are sucking up the most consumption. Solar should be part of a total solution to reduce energy consumption, and customers will feel valued when you provide this educational service.