Six unbeatable benefits of solar hot water

There is nothing like a hot shower and having piping hot water around the clock at a dramatically reduced price is why you should consider installing a solar-powered hot water system. There are many benefits associated with a solar hot water system that includes:

They are going to save you money

Just like solar PV systems installed on your roof, solar hot water systems are going to deliver you big savings on your quarterly energy bills. Instead of paying for electricity, gas or other fuels to pay for the heating of your water, you are extracting that power from the sun which is going to slash your power costs.

They are environmentally friendly

When you are using electricity or gas to heat your water you are contributing towards carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere which has been directly linked to manmade climate change. To help create a sustainable future, it is imperative to make the switch to solar.

You will have access to hot water 24/7

Everyone with a non-solar hot water systems knows the pain of going for a shower only to find that someone has used all of the hot water just before them. Gas and electric systems are going to have a finite amount of hot water before room temperature water will need to be heated up – leading to cold showers.

Solar hot water systems are going to give you a constant stream of hot water even after everyone in your house has had their hot shower, there will still be plenty left over for you.

It will increase the value of your property

Because solar hot water systems deliver ongoing savings, they are of major value and will make your property more valuable if the time ever comes to sell. Because these systems are a capital asset, they are also increasing the net worth of the property by default. It is also an extra attraction if you have potential buyers looking for clean, green homes – and there are more and more buyers like that on the market today.

They require little maintenance

A standard electric or gas hot water heater will need to be inspected every six months and serviced every few years to ensure they are working properly. Solar water heaters need much less maintenance and can be left alone for years before any inspections are required. Furthermore, solar water heaters have a very long shelf life and will provide you with hot water for 20 years or more.

They are essential for heating water in an affordable and sustainable way

Solar PV systems and solar hot water solutions are totally different systems and operate independently of each other. You cannot heat your water with a solar PV system and a solar hot water system is not going to power your lights and appliances. For a total sustainable solution, installing both systems is going to deliver the best results when it comes to your bills and the environment.