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Historical weather and climate data


To optimise the performance of your system, we need to know the what the weather is like in the area where the system will be installed. Please complete the 3 steps below to begin designing your renewable energy system


Step 1: Enter your country followed by a postcode, town or suburb name, then click "search". A map of your general area will then appear below (it may take a few seconds to load):





Step 2: At this stage weather data from the nearest weather station should be displayed below. You can scroll down to view the climate data, or click on the red markers on the map to view summary information. (It may take a few seconds to load).


PLEASE NOTE: If no data is appearing in the calculator below, you will need to click one of the red markers above to select a weather station close to your chosen location



Solar Irradiation & Wind Speed

Graph of average Solar irradiation in kW/m2/day and wind speed in metres per second by month.


Air and Ground Temperature

Graph of average air temperature and ground temperature in degrees centigrade by month.


Humidity and Air Pressure

Graph of average humidity and air pressure by year.


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Step 3: Once you have chosen your nearest (or most appropriate) weather station, you can proceed to design your own wind or solar power system. Choose the type of renewable energy system you wish to design.


Grid Connected Solar Are you connected to the electricity grid? (Australia)
Use our grid connected system calculator to calculate the electricity savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions.
RAPS - remote area power supply Do you need electricity in places where it is not available?
Try our Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS) calculator to determine your remote power requirements. Suitable for remote houses, marine, campers, campervans, caravans, 4 x 4 and off-road vehicles, etc.
Grid Connected Solar Online DC cable sizing calculator, use this tool to determine thickness of cable required for your system. The right sized cable will give you the best efficiency!
Grid Connected Solar Solar pumping calculator - Use this tool to determine what kind of solar pump you'll need, how much solar power is required, and how much water will be delivered.