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Ampair 24Volt 600Watt Wind Turbine Controller

Ampair 600 TS24 Regulator


The Ampair 600-24 is designed for charging high capacity 24V DC battery systems and must be installed in conjunction with the 600-TS regulator which includes the regulator
Ampair regulator is a single input channel and single output channel combination rectifier and regulator for use with the Ampair 600 wind turbine It uses advanced three stage pulse width module "PWM" temperature compensated charging. The regulator package incorporates heat sinks, dump loads, stop switch and battery fusses. It is pre wired on a board suitable for bulkhead mounting.


The Package Comprises


  • Stop switch
  • Three phase rectifier on a heat sink
  • Tristar TS-45 regulator
  • Divert resistors
  • Fuses
  • Turbine terminals
  • Sense terminals

Stop Switch
The stop switch should always be switched to the OFF position when any work is undertaken on the wind turbine in order to stop it from rotating at speed.


Three Phase Rectifier
This converts the 3 phase AC power from the wind turbine to DC for battery charging . It is pre wired and no adjustment or maintenance is required.


Tristar TS 45 Regulator
The Tristar TS-45 regulator controls battery charging. This is a sophisticated unit with any options and care should be taken to use the correct connections and settings. References in these instructions refer to pages, sections, paragraphs and diagram from the Tristar installation and operation manual.


Divert Resistors
There are four 1ohm, 300W, divert resistors, each on a heat sink. These absorb the power of the wind turbine if the batteries are fully charged. In doing so they will become hot and so the package should be mounted in a location where this does not pose a fire hazard. It is advisable to mount the unit vertically to ensure optimum heat sink performance.


There are two 32A fuses for the main battery connections. These are marked battery in the picture. Connect the battery charging leads to the terminals of the fuse holders. The two 32A fuses protect the system from inadvertent overload. If either or both should blow then replace with identical types, having first ascertained the reason for overload. Wire gauge for connection to battery from these fuses should be at least 4 square mm for lengths up to 3m, thus allowing for currents up to 30A


Turbine Terminals
There is one 6 stud ring tag terminal block for the wind turbine connection. It is marked turbine in the picture. Connect the three wires from the turbine in any order. Connections must be tight with the correct wire terminations


Sense Terminals
The small 2 way terminal block is for sense leads which can be wired direct to battery terminals, bypassing any blocking diodes, current shunts or others items which may cause the regulator to mistake the battery voltage via the main battery connection. It also means there is no need to open the regulator. Wire termination is not critical due to the low currents but it is recommended that's cord end terminals be used.


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