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Using solar hot water not only means ongoing savings in water heating, but generous government solar hot water rebates can save you a ton of money on your initial purchase.


Solar and heat pump hot water systems are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), no matter where you live in Australia. These STCs are usually applied as a point-of-sale discount on systems and these are virtually hot water rebates.

The amount of subsidy is based on the size of a system (amount of water produced) and performance. The better performing systems – or the ones that make the most effective use of the sun’s energy – attract a higher rebate**.

Avoid confusion and maximise your rebates

The situation with solar hot water rebates in Australia has been confusing; with chopping and changing of state and federal government incentives. Having said this, there are currently valuable rebates available Australia-wide, as well as in many states.  By completing a short form that only takes a minute or two to complete, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much you’re entitled to and about your projected energy savings.

State-by-state overview

Here’s an overview of solar hot water rebates* that are available state-by-state:

Federal Government State governments
Small-scale Technology Certificates Solar hot water rebate Other

  • Solar Homes Program
  • up to $1,000

  • Victorian Energy Upgrades
  • up to $700

  • Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)
City of Adelaide Council

  • Up to $1,000 (homes and businesses)

  • ACTSmart program
  • up to $1,200

Federal Government – Small-scale Technology Certificates

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are issued when a complete solar hot water system installation or occurs. The number of renewable energy certificates issued varies with each system. The certificates can be traded for a substantial cash discount on your purchase through Energy Matters and our installation partners.  The value of a certificate varies depending on market conditions.  You can check the STC information for each system via the Australian Government’s register of solar hot water heaters or contact our friendly team who can tell you the STC value for each system.

You’ll notice that on the register of solar hot water heaters, STC assignment levels depend on where you live. The following diagram shows the different zones throughout Australia.

Heat pump specific rebates and STCs

Heat pumps are a different form of solar hot water that doesn’t require panels on your roof. Heat pumps use 55-80% less energy than standard electric storage or gas hot water systems.  You can learn more about heat pumps here and STC and rebate information for heat pump systems can be viewed here.

State specific solar hot water rebates


Solar Homes Program – Solar Hot Water Rebate

The Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program is offering eligible households rebates of up to $1,000 on solar hot water and heat pump systems. 

Eligibility criteria include:

  • the applicant must be the owner-occupier of the property and not received a solar panels or battery rebate under the Solar Homes program
  • the combined household income must be less than $180,000
  • it is an existing property, valued at under $3 million
  • the hot water system to be replaced is at least 3 years old

This rebate is available in addition to the federal government’s STC rebate on solar hot water systems and heat pumps, as well as the Victorian Energy Upgrade Scheme for upgrading inefficient electric or gas water heaters, details below.

Victorian Energy Upgrade Scheme

All Victorian households and businesses that have an inefficient electric or gas hot water system are eligible to participate in this scheme.  The rebates are worth up to $700 depending on the type and size of system installed as well as the type of system being removed.  The higher value rebates are available for those replacing old inefficient electric hot water systems.

You get the rebate, you need to purchase the system from an Accredited Provider or use a tradesperson, such as a plumber or an electrician, that has a relationship with an Accredited Provider.  To get help finding an Accredited Provider, complete this form.

South Australia

Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), a South Australian government program, offers rebates on solar hot water and heat pumps.  These rebates are available for:

  • existing homes with an old inefficient hot water system
  • new and existing multi-storey apartment buildings where the hot water system hasn’t been replaced using a REES rebate before. 

The REES rebate together with the federal government STC rebate, can cut the cut of installing a solar hot water system or hot water heap pump by up to $2,000.  It is available through a select number of approved retailers and installers and only on certain solar hot water and heat pump systems.

Let the Energy Matters team help you find the right supplier and system – fill out this form today.

Limited list of approved retailers – see here: – and a few of them here:

City of Adelaide – Sustainability Incentives Scheme

The City of Adelaide is offering a rebate for the installation of solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems on properties within the City of Adelaide municipal areas. 

The rebate is worth 25% of the out-of-pocket installation cost – up to $1,000 – of a solar hot water system or heat pump.  Eligible properties include:

  • Homes (owner-occupant or tenanted)
  • Apartment buildings
  • Small businesses
  • Multistorey commercial
  • Buildings used by community, not-for-profit organisations and sporting groups

The rebate is available for:

  • replacing an inefficient electric instantaneous hot water system with a solar hot water or heat pump system. 
  • installing a new solar or heat-pump hot water system on a new development.

This rebate is available in addition to the REES rebate and federal government STC rebates for solar hot water systems and heat pumps.

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This is the link to the T&Cs for the hot water offer from the council –

Australian Capital Territory

“Good quality electric heat pump hot water systems are generally the lowest running cost solution for the Canberra climate,” according to ACT government program, ACTSmart.

As part of the ACT’s commitment to meet its mandated energy savings targets, ACT households can access rebates of up to $1,200 off the cost of upgrading old, inefficient hot water heaters to a high efficiency hot water heat pump.  The rebates are worth:

  • $1,200 if you are a concession card holder
  • $750 for non-concession card holders
  • Note: other terms and conditions apply

This ACT rebate is in addition to the federal government rebate for heat pumps.  Combined, the ACT and federal rebates make heat pumps a cost-effective solution for residents looking to cut their hot water bills. 

Not all suppliers in the ACT are authorised to offer this rebate.  To find an approved heat pump installer in the ACT, fill in this form and the Energy Matters team will help you out.  [link to form and the leads have to go to who is the only supplier who offers the state rebate – also see their T&Cs page here: – as you have to be a ACTewagl customer in order to get this rebate]

**Terms and conditions apply for all rebates.

** You can check the number of STCs for each solar hot water system we supply via the Australian Government’s Solar Hot Water STC Calculator [– link to ]