Solar and heat pump hot water systems are still eligible for  RECs/Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These STCs usually exchange with retailers for a point-of-sale discount on systems and these are virtually hot water rebates.

Save up to $1500 on solar hot water rebates

The amount of subsidy is based on the size of a system (amount of water produced) and performance. The better performing systems, or the ones that make the most effective use of the sun’s energy, attract a higher rebate.

Avoid confusion and maximise your rebates!

The situation with solar hot water rebates and other forms of support in Australia has been confusing; with chopping and changing of state and federal government incentives. By completing a short form that only takes a minute or two to complete, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much you’re entitled to and about your projected energy savings.

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Renewable energy certificates (RECs/STCs)

RECs (STCs) issue when a complete solar hot water system installation occurs. The number of renewable energy certificates issued varies with each system. The certificates can be traded for a substantial cash discount on your purchase through Energy Matters and our installation partners.  The value of a certificate varies depending on market conditions.  You can check the REC information for each system via the Australian Government’s register of solar hot water heaters or contact our friendly team who can tell you the REC value for each system.

You’ll notice that on the register of solar hot water heaters, REC assignment levels depend on where you live. The following diagram shows the different zones throughout Australia.

Renewable Energy Certificate zones in Australia

Heat pump specific rebates and RECS

Heat pumps are a different form of solar hot water that doesn’t require panels on your roof. You can learn more about heat pumps here and REC and rebate information for heat pump systems can be viewed here.

State specific solar hot water rebate and REC information

Most Australian state based rebates for solar hot water have ended, with the exception of the Northern Territory; however REC/STC based financial incentives still apply.

Northern Territory solar hot water rebates

Residents may be eligible for an additional rebate of up to $1,000. The level of  rebate depends on the modifications required to the roof. The rebate applies only to solar hot water systems that replace electric systems and attract at least 20 RECs under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target. Further details.

Installation situation

NT rebate up to $1,000*

For private homes

Replacing an electric water heater with a solar system or heat pump


New and existing homes installing a solar system or heat pump


For commercial buildings

New or existing buildings installing a solar water heater or heat pump


*Conditions apply

** Indicates whether a situation is eligible for a financial incentive through the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) scheme.

You can also check the REC information for each solar hot water system we stock via the Australian Government’s register of solar hot water heaters (PDF) in conjunction with this solar-hot-water-zones

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