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Are you a journalist, reporter, member of the media/press researching an article on the politics or technology behind wind, solar power or renewable energy? Perhaps you run a renewable energy web site or blog and need content? Energy Matters Australia can assist you!

Energy Matters is a leader in communicating with Australians wanting to embrace renewable energy. We are also active in lobbying State and Federal Governments in developing a robust and sustainable framework to develop a viable renewable energy industry in Australia.

If it’s happening in the solar and wind power industry, we likely know about it or are involved in some way. And we’re happy to share our experience and expertise in the industry with members of the media! Even if you have a deadline looming for an article, contact us.  We can help you meet it with a rapid, detailed response to your questions.

Renewable energy media enquiries

For media enquiries regarding our company or the renewable energy industry in Australia in general; please contact us via to arrange an in-depth interview with an Energy Matters spokesperson experienced in your field of interest.

You can also learn more about our company on our profile page and our news/press release page and keep up to date with news items we release on Twitter or  Facebook

News item reproduction

Our news section is a treasure trove of information on the renewable energy industry, both local and abroad. You’re welcome to reproduce any of our news item texts as long as you preserve all links in the article and include the following immediately after the item (including links as indicated):

“News item provided courtesy of Energy Matters Australia”

If quoting just a section of a news item, we ask you provide attribution and a link back to Energy Matters

Webmasters and bloggers – free articles for reproduction!

If you’re wanting short articles covering various aspects of renewable energy equipment and issues to republish on your web site or blog, use one of our many news items or other main page content which contains informative and educational items on solar power, wind energy and associated technology.

Become a solar energy writer: guest blog for Energy Matters!

Do you have articles, videos or podcasts covering various aspects of solar and renewable energy and issues to publish? Then reach out to us because we may be able to use them  on our web site or blog. Go to our guest solar energy writer page which tells you how your informative and educational items on solar power, wind energy and associated technology can end up on our site.

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