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Solar Hot Water Systems From Australian Reputable Brands

Heating water is the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in an average Australian household (if you don’t count the car!). The Australian government is encouraging Australian households and community organisations to switch to solar hot water systems by providing generous solar hot water rebates and subsidies!

By installing a solar hot water service or heat pump, you’ll not only be lessening your family’s environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions, but also saving money on an ongoing basis. This is through free hot water courtesy of the sun!

Energy Matters works with a nationwide network of local installers who can provide you with a FREE solar hot water quote. 

Complete our FREE solar quotes quiz and you’ll be contacted shortly by a solar hot water installer. When prompted, select ‘Other Renewables/Energy Saving‘ in the quiz.

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solar hot water system

Make the switch to Solar Hot Water today! Complete our quick quiz and you’ll be contacted shortly. When prompted, select ‘Other Renewables/Energy Saving’ in the quiz.

Solar hot water explained

How do solar hot water systems work? How much energy and money can you save? Read our brief guide to solar hot water.

Rebates and Small-scale Technology Certificates on new and retrofit solar hot water systems can save you a lot of money! Learn more about the various solar hot water rebates available.

Do you have questions about solar hot water? View commonly asked questions and answers in our solar hot water FAQ

Flat plate vs. evacuated tube

Which is the best type of collector for your solar hot water system? Learn more on our page about evacuated tube vs. flat plate collectors and view performance efficiency comparisons.

Stainless vs. glass tanks

When used in solar hot water applications, which is better; a stainless steel or vitreous enamel (glass) lined hot water tank? A few points to help you in your decision as to what hot water tank suits your needs and situation.

When you think of solar hot water, panels and a collector tank usually spring to mind. A heat pump utilises technology that doesn’t require panels! Learn more about heat pumps.

Solar power heated water can be used in commercial and industrial settings, plus it can also heat your entire home! Learn more about solar hydronics.

About Energy Matters

For over 17 years, Energy Matters has been a leader in the renewable energy industry in Australia! Learn more about us.

Our professional solar installers in Brisbane will assess and determine your energy needs. We customise a solar panel system in Brisbane to fit the roof size of your property, ensuring you receive the most suitable solar panel system for your Brisbane home, meeting to property’s energy requirements.