Sydney and NSW solar power deals

Solar energy is one of the best investments around – make the most of your rooftop real estate. Contact our Sydney team while government solar subsidies and our amazing deals on solar power systems last!

Our partners Sydney discount solar power specials don’t last forever….get them while you can. Wherever you live in NSW, be it Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast or other city, town or rural area, we have the solar energy solution for you.


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Sydney discount solar power

With our lowest prices ever; the best time to buy solar power systems from Energy Matters is right now. Based on system cost, you can generate clean electricity for just a few cents per kilowatt hour.

Save thousands on your electricity bill or wipe it out altogether by going solar. Get in quick and take advantage of our latest specials for Sydney and New South Wales!

Make money by saving money

A home solar power system installed in Sydney and elsewhere in New South Wales can help you make substantial savings on your electricity bill – and a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Estimated annual electricity savings [1]:
4.05kW solar power system
: $1,085 – $1,302

5.01kW solar power system
: $1,342 – $1,610

[1] Estimated Sydney and NSW electricity bill savings range estimated above based on 27c per kilowatt hour electricity price and an 9.0c feed in tariff (FiT) with 50% to 70% consumption of produced electricity for systems without batteries, and 70% to 100% consumption of produced electricity for systems with batteries.

Call our NSW solar power specials team today via the form below! Our partners Sydney discount solar power specials are definitely limited offers.

System variations also available at deeply discounted prices for households and businesses in Sydney and throughout New South Wales – Contact our Sydney team to discuss your requirements with our friendly team via the form below.

Making solar simple

We understand one of the major blocks to going solar can be the perceived hassles and headaches. Energy Matters partners will tailor a solution to your needs and assist you every step of the way. Call our friendly team from Sydney or wherever you live in NSW via the form below today to discuss your requirements and any questions you may have about making the switch to solar!

About SMA inverters

SMA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar grid connect inverters, with over 50 gigawatts installed globally. These inverters offer high flexibility and attractive yields, meaning a faster payback and efficiency from your solar power system. Learn more about SMA solar inverters.

SMA Solar Inverter

About SunLock mounting systems

Maintaining a focus on quality, we recommend an Australian made and designed SunLock mounting system and Energy Matters’ professional, CEC accredited installation.

SunLock solar panel mounting system, Sydney, NSW

Enjoy Power Savings Day and Night by Adding a Battery


Great investment + add value to your home

Not only will solar panels & a battery add value to your home, they also a great investment in other ways. For example, installing a solar panel system can offer far better rate of return than many other investment option available, especially in the current economic environment!

Notes, terms and conditions

Terms and conditions associated with this Sydney discount solar power metro offer can be viewed here. For enquiries in other areas in NSW, such as Newcastle, Wollongong, or any other city or town or country area, please fill the the form below and we will be able to discuss the best options to help you go solar with a similar offer if possible.

Call our NSW solar power team on 1800 362 883 or register your interest via solar quotes page.