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Ampair Aquair 12V 100W Towed & Wind Turbine for Yachts

Ampair Aquair 12Volt 100Watt Towed Turbine Generator for Yachts


The most effective means of generating electricity to recharge 12V / 24V batteries at sea.


  • Generates approx. 1 amp per knot (12v) at average cruising speeds.
  • Rope transmits power of spinning turbine to on-board generator.
  • Gimbals mounting of generator gives fool-proof operation & long-life.
  • Simple installation from stern rail - no permanent hardware. Easily rigged.
  • Thousands in use worldwide. Hundreds of circumnavigations made.
  • Highly suitable for use on long distance blue water cruising yachts. 
  • Wind turbine conversion available for use at anchor.

The Aquair Pedigree
Proven over thousands of miles of ocean cruising. Reliability is achieved by using a towed turbine on a 30 meter line directly coupled to the alternator shaft. Totally sealed alternator. Stainless steel gambol ring provides a simple and automatic alignment method.
Built to professional standards for long term endurance and backed by full manufacturers warranty. The Aquair 100 is constructed of marine grade materials for minimal maintenance. Only a spare turbine is recommended to cater for accidental loss.  Electrical contact is direct to the battery using a simple on/off control switch.


Water Mode
The Aquair 100 is designed for yachts cruising at 4-7 kts. The standard pitch turbine surfaces at 7-8 kts and skips at higher speeds. The coarse pitch turbine suits yachts which sail at 8-12 kts. The shaft connector is designed to break to save the generator and rail if the turbine becomes trapped. At normal cruising speeds the turbine will not noticeably slow the yacht.


Use of an Aquair 100 greatly reduces the frequencyof engine running to recharge service batteries. Theturbine generates sufficient power to run anautopilot, maintain navigation equipment or supporta fridge. It produces a continuous output of up to 6Amps at 12 volts. Its permanent magnet alternatorwith built-in rectifiers has no commutate brushesand the windings cannot overheat so it requires nothermal cut-outs or protection choke.



  • 2 year warranty

Technical Specifications


Power rating 5A, 12V at 3m/s water speed (6knots)
Voltage options 12 V, 24V or 48V DC
Output Rectified DC

Start up water speed


3 knots
Weight 10 kg generator - 3 kg turbine
Propeller standard 7-8 knots or high speed 8-12 knots
Housing Die cast aluminum (powder coated)

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