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Conergy 180L Thermosiphon Solar Hot Water Closed System

Conergy 180L Thermosiphon Solar Hot Water Closed Circuit System



Black chrome surface on copper substrate guarantees maximum efficiency especially BC model


A breakthrough in technology utilizing natural convection to move water throughout the system. The thermosiphon minimizes energy requirements while offering a new level in efficient, economical water heating.


Our roof mounted TS hot water systems are the smart choice in water heating, with the highest standards in water heating performance. Superior design, technology and materials ensure the very best in efficiency, slashing your heating costs while you enjoy steaming hot water, all year round. Available as open or closed circuit system.


Close Circuit System: A closed circuit system is a system where the water used in the household (hot water) does not circulate through the solar collector panels but remains in the storage tank and is heated through a heat exchanger within the tank vessel, thus allowing for propylene glycol to run through the collectors transferring solar energy into the storage tank heat exchanger and in turn heating the household hot water. The water and glycol never mix and are held in separate chambers around the system.
Closed circuit systems are typically used in areas where frost can occur and also when water quality is poor with a high level of total dissolved solids/minerals (TDS). Glycol will not freeze and therefore protects the collectors from freezing damage in frost prone areas.


Design Benefits and Features


  • Up to 90% of your hot water for free from the sun
  • Speedy installation
  • Hot water in all weather conditions
  • Save up to 3.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year
  • Generous rebates available to approved applications
  • Long life in any environment
  • Extensive warranty options
  • The Conergy TS open circuit systems are suitable for single and multiple installations
  • Quality design and stylish appearance
  • No moving parts, low maintenance
  • Electric boosting with all systems( gas boosting optional)
  • Flat and pitched roof mounting systems available
  • Choice of collectors provides exceptional performance in all solar radiation areas
  • Closed circuit system available
  • Certified Australian Standard 2712



  • Thermosiphon warranty 5 years
  • Electric Element warranty 1 year

Technical Specifications


Model TS 182 2BC Close
Storage capacity 180 L
Boost capacity 90L/26L-min
Storage tank material Vitreous enamel lined low carbon steel
Storage tank installation high density polyurethane
Tank weight, empty 53 kg
Tank weight, full 243 kg
Tank size 650W x 590H x 1235L mm
Booster element rating 220/250V - 2.4 KW*
Collector model 2BC
Number of collectors 1
Collector size 1975H x 970W x 83D mm
Total collector area 1.91 m²
Collector weight, empty 39 kg
Collector weight, full 40.9 kg
Collector case material Aluminium
Solar energy transfer medium Solar fluid
* Other element ratings available upon request



  • Wide range of tank sizes
  • Vitreous enamel lined steel with sacrificial anode for long life even in hard water areas
  • Durable color bond and polypropylene casing
  • Robust construction with high density thermal insulation
  • Durable colarbond and polypropylene



  • Collector models for high and low solar radiation areas
  • Toughened glass and durable copper waterway tubes
  • EPDM rubber seals ensure durability and reliability in extreme climatic conditions
  • Solar lacquer surface guarantees maximum performance in high solar radiation areas(LC model)

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  • Model: TS182 2BC Closed
  • Shipping Weight: 100kg
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