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Exide Classic Solar Battery 2V 550Ah

Alternative BP PV-Stor 2V 550Ah Battery (Model = 2P570)

The Classic OPzS Solar range hasbeen well proven for decades inmedium and large power requirements.This energy storage batteryis a low maintenance lead acid batterywith liquid electrolyte. Due to theirrobustness, long design life and highoperational safety they are ideally suitablefor use in solar and wind powerstations, telecommunications, powerdistribution companies, railways andmany other safety equipment powersupplies.


  • Tubular plate
  • Nominal capacity 550Ah
  • Single Cell
  • 2000 cycles acc. to IEC 896-1
  • low maintenance
  • recyclable
  • lg books and hydrometers provided free of charge upon request


One Year Guarantee

Exide Technologies warrants to the original user, that Exide Energystore batteries will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment. Installation and commissioning should occur within three months of date of shipment.

Four Year Warranty

Exide Technologies further warrants to the original user, that Exide Energystore batteries for four years from their date of shipment when used in accordance with the operating instructions and the following conditions as specified below.

Should Exide find that any cell is in breach of this warranty, it will repair or replace the cell, and allow a credit on a pro rata basis, of that portion of the warranty term remaining. The pro rata credit shall be based on the original purchase price of the cell and this credit will be applied to the normal list price of a replacement Exide battery at the time of claim.

Technical Specifications

Type OPzS Solar 550
Part number NVSL020550WC0FA
Nominal Voltage (V) 2V
Nominal Capacity C120 - 1.85V/C - 25C (Ah) 550 Ah
Length (mm) 126 mm
Width (mm) 208 mm
Height (mm) not including vents/terminals 520 mm
Installed length (mm) 136 mm
Weight inc Acid 26.7 kg
Internal Resistance 0.63 mΩ
Short Circuit current 3250 A
Terminal F-M8
Pole Pairs 1
Battery Capacity
C6 355 Ah
C10 391 Ah
C12 390 Ah
C24 430 Ah
C48 480 Ah
C72 515 Ah
C100 540 Ah
C120 550 Ah
C240 580 Ah

Quality and Safety

  • The inverter can send you an alarm message by SMS in the event of a fault. Reconfigured. No settings necessary for initial startup
  • Standard ISO 9001S

Downloads and Manuals

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  • Model: NVSL020550WCOFA
  • Shipping Weight: 26.7kg
  • Manufacturer:

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