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Exide Gel Battery 12Volt 95Ah

Exide Gel Battery 12Volt 95Ah


The EXIDE GEL is designed for maximum energy power supply requirements. With its reliable continuous current output, it guarantees the function of all the vehicle’s electrical consumers. It provides an ideal buffer for cases where there is uneven charge and discharge, such as solar applications. Its uncompromising fulfillment of professional requirements means that the EXIDE GEL is ideally suited to use in leisure and sports vehicles too. Thanks to its significantly longer service life, as compared with traditional starter batteries, the EXIDE GEL is a good bet financially too.


Robust Construction
When used in off-road vehicles, construction machinery or boats, the battery must be able to function perfectly at extreme angles and withstand severe vibrations. Its robust construction coupled with the specific advantages of gel technology means that the EXIDE GEL is characterized by its high vibration resistance.


Maintenance-free, Sealed Battery System
In an attempt to make the highly successful, fully perfected dryfit gel technology from Sonnenschein available to the automotive industry too, EXIDE has utilized its group synergies. The result is the new EXIDE GEL, a battery that combines the strengths of both dryfit battery types, the dryfit sportline and dryfit start, to produce optimum standards of quality. The EXIDE GEL offers reliable coldcranking and maximum power supply with superior cycling performance in sophisticated applications. With only 13 types, the EXIDE GEL allows an enormous variety of applications, giving specialist retailers just what they needed to round off their range.


The Recombination Principle
In the EXIDE GEL sealed battery system, the gases produced during charging are recombined back into water within the cells. This means that exceptionally clean and safe handling is guaranteed, because neither gases nor acid vapours are able to escape outside. The EXIDE GEL is therefore completely maintenance-free.




  • Local buses and coaches
  • Emergency and special vechicles(police, fire department, rescue services etc.)
  • Forklifts, construction machinery
  • Solar applications
  • Leisure and sports vechicles (caravans, mobile homes, sailing boats, motorized yachts, motor boats)

Technical Features


  • Sealed battery system with recombination
  • Lead/calcium alloy on positive and negative plate
  • Thick plates with mechanically reinforced positive mass
  • Robust construction
  • No need to top up water, no maintenance costs
  • More utilized capacity
  • Safe application in closed compartments
  • Reliable starting
  • Suitable for vehicles left out of use for prolonged periods, seasonal use
  • Long service life with frequent charge and discharge
  • No spillage in case of broken container
  • Operation in extreme positions
  • Deep discharged batteries can be recharged within 4 weeks
  • lg books and hydrometers provided free of charge upon request

Technical Specifications


Model G85
Voltage 12 V
Current I (DIN) 270 A
Nominal capacity at 20hr 85 Ah
Nominal capacity at 100hr 95 Ah
Terminal type 1
Dimensions 330L x 171W x 236H mm
Weight 30.0 kg
DIN-The German Institute for Standardization

Charging Method


On board generator /alternator, solar system or battery charger can be used


  • Initial charge current is recommended to be 10% of the battery capacity eg. 12Amps for 120Ah battery
  • Boost voltage between 2.35 Volts Per Cell (VPC) and 2.4 VPC
  • Boost period 12 to 16 hrs
  • Float voltage 2.3 VPC
  • Solar system charge voltage 2.37 VPC constant

Quality and Safety


  • GL(Germanischer Loyd, Freigabe-Nr. 15828-00HH vom 29.06.2000)

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  • Model: G85
  • Shipping Weight: 30kg
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