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Fronius 40000W (40kW) Grid Connect Inverter

Fronius 40000Watt Grid Connect Inverter - IG500


The best in their Power Class


The new central inverters will make your life easier: here we see the emergence of power packs that convert solar energy into high-quality electricity on a large scale.
This Fronius development, just like all others, has also been based on four central parameters


  • Optimum user-friendliness
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Unconditional reliability
  • Professional system monitoring

The new series not only successfully integrates these features but also demonstrates new, amazing characteristics. The intelligent inverter concept and the built-in features make the series lighter, smaller, easier to install and easier than ever to maintain. All this at an excellent price/performance ratio.


Up to 15 power racks work in the MIX™ concept.


The FRONIUS IG central inverters work with a completely new system configuration. There is not only one power stack converting the electricity but also 9, 12 to 15 printed circuit boards that share the work, depending on the output class. The reason for this is that it is well-known that the energy yield increases in part-load areas if smaller power stacks are operated at higher capacity. Therefore, every FRONIUS IG central inverter works with several smaller power stacks that switch on or off completely automatically depending on irradiance so that they can always deliver maximum power. The Fronius MIX™ concept is particularly interesting in areas such as Central Europe where part-load ranges, such as heavy cloud, fog and the like, are typical. It has already been used successfully in the FRONIUS IG 40 and 60. Here the power stacks work alternately as master or slave. This appreciably reduces the operating hours of the individual power stacks and increases the system’s life.


Ventilation Control. The innovative ventilation system prevents unwanted heating and dust deposits.


Module-Manager™. The intelligent Module-Manager™ from Fronius quickly finds the maximum power point (MPP): the working point for maximum output. The yield is always the best available. This even applies to the thin-film modules that are particularly demanding in this respect.


Safety. Electrical isolation ensures the highest level of safety. Due to the high-frequency technology, the space-saving transformer is capable of transmitting an extraordinary amount of power very safely.


Focus. The display exhibits the intelligent communication interface between the PV-system and the operator on site. Operation is simple and self explanatory as with the smaller classes of inverters.


Interface. The integrated COM Card with sufficient space for Data logger and modem presents the best possible prerequisite for installing a professional PV monitoring system.


Replaceable. The individual printed circuit boards – up to 15 – are easy to pull out because of the plug-in racks. They also enable optimum utilization of the inverter and therefore maximum output.


Increase in output. The MIX™ concept converts part-load into full load. Therefore, efficiency is increased and the yields are optimized in the part-load area.




  • 5 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications


Input Electrical Data
Model Fronius IG500
MPP voltage range 210 - 420 V
Max input voltage (at 1000 W/m2; -10°C) 530 V
Recommended PV plant output 40 KWp - 52 KWp
Max input current 205 A
Output Electrical Data
Nominal output 40 KW
Max power output 40 KW
Max efficiency 94.3 %
Euro efficiency 93.5 %
Mains voltage /frequency 3NPE~400 V / 50 Hz
Distortion factor < 5 %
Power factor 1
Power consumption at night 9 W
General Data
Size IP20 600L x 600W x 2557H mm
Size IP43 1112.5L x 600W x 2444.5H mm
Weight 265 kg
Cooling controlled forced -air cooling
Housing variations (optional) IP 20 (IP 43)
Ambient temperature range -20°C to 50°C
Permissible humidity 0 to 95 %
Protective Devices
DC insulation measurement warning when Riso <500k Ohm
Behavior on DC overload Displacement of operating point

Quality and Safety


  • Directive 89/336/EEC on Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Directive 93/68/EEC on CE marking
  • General EMC standards EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
  • General safety standard EN 50178
  • Over voltage protection standard EN 61000-4-5
  • Standard for flicker measurements EN 61000-3-11, EN 61000-3-12
  • “Guidelines for the parallel operation of in-plant photovoltaic generation systems with the low voltage grid of the electricity supply companies” published by the German Electricity Industry Association (VDEW)
  • “Technical directives for the parallel operation of in-plant photovoltaic generation systems with the low voltage grid of the electricity supply utilities” published by the Austrian Electricity Plants Association

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  • Model: IG500
  • Shipping Weight: 265kg
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