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Hyundai Solar Panel 250Watt 24Volt Monocrystalline

250Watt 24Volt Hyundai Monocrystalline Solar Panel  


Hyundai Heavy Industries takes the same approach to solar power as it does in all its other ventures - creating solid products that will pass the test of time. With an output power tolerance +3/-0%, Hyundai's HiS-S250MG monocrystalline solar panels are produced ready for connection, are IEC certified, have weatherproof connectors and integrated bypass diodes.


250Watt Hyundai Monocrystalline Solar Panel  Warranty


  • 5 years workmanship
  • 10 years for 90% of warranted min. power
  • 25 years for 80% of warranted min. power


250Watt HiS-S250MG Monocrystalline Hyundai  Solar Panel Features


Dimensions 983 mm  (W) 1645 mm  (L) 35 mm  (H)
Weight Approx. 19.0 kg
Solar cells 60 cells in series (610 matrix)
Output cables 4 mm2  cables with polarized weatherproof connectors, IEC certified, Length 1.0 m 
Junction box IP65, weatherproof, IEC certified
Bypass diodes 3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shade
Construction Front : High transmission low-iron tempered glass, 3.2 mm
Encapsulant : EVA Back Sheet : Weatherproof film
Frame Clear anodised aluminium alloy type 6063

250Watt HiS-S250MG Hyundai  Solar Panel Technical Specifications


Nominal output (Pmpp) W 250
Voltage at Pmax (Vmpp) V 30.5
Current at Pmax (Impp) A 8.2
Open circuit voltage (Voc) V 37.5
Short circuit current (Isc) A 8.7
Module efficiency % 15.5
Temperature coefficient of Pmpp %/K -0.44
Temperature coefficient of Voc %/K -0.34
Temperature coefficient of Isc %/K 0.052


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