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Morningstar Sunsaver 12Volt 6Amp Regulator with LVD

Morningstar Sunsaver 12Volt 6Amp Regulator With Low Voltage Disconnect "LVD"


Morningstar's SunSaver is the world's leading small solar controller for both professional and consumer applications.


The SunSaver’s advanced design delivers outstanding performance and value. The SunSaver’s low cost is made possible by Morningstar’s unique approach to design and manufacturing:


  • Automated production
  • ISO 9002 quality programs
  • Latest power electronic technologies
  • Latest control and logic technologies
  • High volume manufacturing

Morningstar Technology Provides


  • Exceptional Reliability
  • PWM Battery Charging
  • Consistent High Quality



  • 100% solid state
  • Series design (not shunt)
  • True 0 to 100% PWM duty cycle
  • Set point accuracy to 35 mV
  • Rated for 25% overloads
  • Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
  • Marine rated terminals / anodized case
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sealed / Flooded battery select
  • No need to derate
  • Parallel for 40 amps or more
  • Green charging / Red LVD indicators



  • 5 Year Warranty Period
  • 99.8% of Morningstar's products never fail

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Rated Solar Input 6.5 A
Rated load 6 A
25 % current overload  
Regulation voltage Sealed battery 14.1 V
Flooded battery 14.4 V
Load disconnect 11.5 V
LVD reconnect 12.6 V
Temp compensation -28 mV/ºC
Self consumption 6 to 10 mA
Operating temp -40 to +85 ºC
Mechanical Characteristics
Wire size 5.2 mm² Epoxy encapsulated
Anodized aluminum case Weight 0.23 kg
Marine rated terminals  

What is PWM ?
Pulse Width Modulation "PWM" is the most effective means to achieve constant voltage battery charging by switching the solar system controller’s power devices. When in PWM regulation, the current from the solar array tapers according to the battery’s condition and recharging needs.


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  • Model: SS-6L-12V
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25kg
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