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Sharp 175 Watt 24 Volt Mono crystal Silicon Solar Module


Sharp's NE-R5E3E photovoltaic module is designed for large electrical power requirements. Based on the technology of single-crystal solar cells cultivated for over 35 years, this module has the superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions and is suitable for 24V (or higher) remote or grid connected systems.


Common applications include remote and grid connected housing, office buildings, solar villages, solar power stations, radio repeater stations and beacons.




  • High Power module 175W using 125mm square single-crystal silicon solar cells with 13.5% module conversion efficiency
  • Photovoltaic module with bypass diode minimises power drop caused by shade.
  • Anti Refection Coating and BSF (Back Surface Field) structure to improve cell conversion efficiency: 16.4%
  • White tempered glass, EVA resin and a weatherproof film along with an aluminum frame for extended outdoor use
  • 24VDC system and high-voltage output for grid-connected system
  • Multi-contact style output leads with waterproof connectors.



  • 25-year limited warranty on power output

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Cells Mono-crystal silicon
No. of Cells & Connections 72 cells in series
Open Circuit Voltage - Voc 44.4 V
Maximum Power Voltage - Vpm 35.4 V
Short Circuit Current - Isc 5.55 A
Maximum Power Current - Ipm 4.95 A
Maximum Power - Pm 175 W
Minimum Power 166.3 W
Encapsulated Cell Efficiency 16.4 %
Module Efficiency 13.5 %
Maximum System Voltage 1000V DC
Series Fuse Rating 10 A
Type of Output Terminal Lead Wire with MC connector
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 1575L x 826W x 46D mm
Weight 17 kg
"PTC" Pacific Test Conditions: 20°C,1 kw/m², AM 1.5, 1 m/s wind speed
"STC" Standard Test Conditions: 25°C, 1 kw/m², AM 1.5

Quality and Safety


  • Sharp modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Certifications: UL 1703, cUL.




  • Model: NT-R5E3E
  • Shipping Weight: 17kg
  • Manufacturer: