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Sharp Solar Panel 80Watt 12Volt

Sharp Solar Panel 80Watt 12Volt


Sharp's NE-080T1J photovoltaic modules offer industry-leading performance, durability, and reliability for a variety of electrical power requirements. Using breakthrough technology perfected by Sharp's nearly 45 years of research and development, these modules use a textured cell surface to reduce reflection of sunlight, and structure to improve conversion efficiency. An anti-reflective coating provides a uniform blue color and increases the absorption of light in all weather conditions. Common applications include RVs, cabins, solar power stations, pumps, beacons, and lighting equipment. Designed to withstand rigorous weather conditions, a junction box is also provided for easy electrical connections in the field, making Sharp's NE-080T1J modules the perfect combination of advanced technology and reliability.




  • High-power module 80W using 126mm square multi-crystal silicon solar cells
  • Bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade
  • Water white, tempered glass, EVA laminate, plus aluminum frame for extended outdoor use
  • Multi contact PV KBT3II /HST3II , IP rating 67
  • Nominal 12VDC output for battery charging applications



  • 25-year limited warranty on power output

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Maximum power - Pmax 80 W
Open circuit voltage - Voc 21.6 V
Short circuit current - Isc 5.15 A
Voltage at point of max power - Vmpp 17.3 V
Current at point of max power - Impp 4.63 A
Max system voltage 600 V
Over current protection 10 A
Mechanical Characteristics
Cell type 126x126 mm, poly crystalline silicon
Frame material Anodized aluminum alloy
Front cover material Low iron tempted glasses
Back film material Resistance films for weather
Dimensions 1214L x 545W x 35D mm
Weight 9.0 kg
Solar cell string 36 in series (4 strings)
Terminal box 58L x 125W x 15D mm
Bypass diode The bypass diode shall be installed in the terminal box
Connector Multi contact PV KBT3II /HST3II , IP rating 67
* at STC- Standard test condition , irradiance of 1000W/m², AM 1.5 spectrum and a cell temp of 25°C

Quality and Safety


  • IEC61215Ed.2, IEC61730-1, IEC60904-1 and IEC61730-2

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  • Model: NE-080T1J
  • Shipping Weight: 9.5kg
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