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Sonnenschein Solar Series Gel Battery 6x2V 300Ah

Sonnenschein 6x2Volt 300Ah Solar Series Battery-6xA602300


Sonnenschein A600 Solar Series batteries are developed for medium to large solar powered applications. The recycle ability and long storage life without recharge makes this environmentally friendly solar battery system absolutely recommendable for various requirement profiles. Typical applications for these maintenance free VRLA" Valve regulated lead acid " batteries with successful dry fit technology range has been designed for ultra high cyclic applications therefore making it ideal for solar and wind power stations, power distribution companies, telecommunications, railways, military applications and safety equipment power supplies.




  • Caravans and campers
  • Remote home areas
  • Marine
  • Golf carts
  • Wheelchairs and scooters.



  • Start-up power
  • Continuous power supply
  • Solar energy storage
  • A600 for vertical installation
  • A600 WE for horizontal installation
  • Easily accessible installation not necessary
  • Robust tubular plate technology
  • Very low gassing due to internal gas recombination
  • No acid-level checks, No water needs to be added, maintenance free
  • Extraordinary energy-saving features in addition with robust reliability
  • Trouble-free transportation of operational blocks and cells, no restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation (IATA, DGR clause A 67)



  • Sonnenschein battery offers the warranty of 5 years: Made up of 36 months (full replacement) + 24 months (pro-rata replacement) from the date of shipment.
  • Warranty entails repair or replacement of defective parts or defective cells, if the fault is arising out of faulty material or faulty workmanship.

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Nominal Voltage 2 V
Nominal Capacity at 20°C At 1 hour Rate - 1.67 Volt/Cell 135 Ah
At 3 hour Rate - 1.75 Volt/Cell 189 Ah
At 5 hour Rate - 1.77 Volt/Cell 219 Ah
At 10 hour Rate - 1.80 Volt/Cell 250 Ah
At 100 hour Rate - 1.85 Volt/Cell 300 Ah
Discharge Current at 100 hour rate 3 A
Mechanical Characteristics
Type 5 OPzV 300
Part Number NGS6020300HS0FA
Terminal F-M8
Pole pairs 1
Dimensions 126 L x 208 W x 360 H mm
Installed length - B/L 135 mm
Total height with terminal 398 mm
Weight 23.5 kg

Quality and Safety


  • No acid leakage, No acid pollution, even when the casing is damaged
  • No corrosion damage, No aggressive acid vapours
  • Not classed as a hazardous product during transport
  • Each cell is closed with a safety valve
  • Proof against deep discharge according to DIN 43 539 T5
  • Cells in compliance with DIN 40742

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  • Model: 6xA602/300
  • Shipping Weight: 141kg
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