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Stanbury Scarf & Lord 24Volt 40Amp Battery Charger

Stanbury Scarf and Lord 24Volt 40Amp Battery Charger


Stanbury Scarf & Lord are manufactures of Battery Charging Equipment. Theyspecialise in this product range only. This enables them to continually monitor and develop improvements to their products. 


Stanbury Scarf and Lord New Generation Chargers are industrial grade in design for the larger domestic systems that utilize large battery banks. The Electronic chargers(SNG) offer much lower generator draw (reduced power factor), and are specifically designed for generator use. 


The LCD on the front panel continuously displays the battery charger output voltage and current. There is no timed shutdown. The battery charger may be turned ON or OFF via the on/off switch on the front panel




  • Light, about 25% the weight of conventional chargers.
  • Efficient, well over 90% efficient compared to 55-67% for conventional designs. We have been saving our customers money since 1997
  • Economical, draws up to 30% less current from your mains supply than old designs.
  • Power factor near unity, old designs less then 0.7.
  • Controlled output. We set the output and it remains the same regardless of local mains variations.
  • DVDT Control, No smart charger can be without it.
  • LCD display. This gives comprehensive charge information, current, voltage, time on charge, ampere hours, and much more.
  • Lower battery temperature rise, Output is near pure DC so the battery heats up less and has lower water consumption during charging.
  • Proven reliable operation. In operation since 1993 Stanbury Scarf and Lordăs track record is outstanding.
  • Full manufacturers support - proven, reliable and consistent, Australia wide.
  • Quality built for Australia and Australian conditions which are amongst the toughest in the world. Convection cooling means no moving parts and more reliability.
  • Able to cope with varying voltage changes. For large voltage changers please seek manufactures recommendations.



  • Stanbury Battery Chargers are unconditionally guaranteed against defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.

Technical Specifications


Model NG12/40G
Battery volt 24 V
Maximum output 40 A
AC plug 10 A
Dimensions 415 x 400 x 570 mm


Controller Taper


They are built to a 3 -1 taper which means that rated output is obtained at a battery voltage of 2.1 volts per cell while charging and tapering to one third of rated output at 2.6 volts per cell. This means that the one charger can be used in either 8 hour or 12 hour charging situations as well as any intermediate charging time. There is no special model for 8 hour charging. The charging time required is simply a function of the battery size. It means that a particular charger will charge one size of battery in 8 hours and a battery 50% larger in 12 hours. From this it follows that intermediate battery sizes may be charged with a corresponding range of charging times.


Charger Termination


The state of the charge is determined by what is known as the DV/DT method. This means that the charge is terminated when the battery voltage stops rising. The effect of this is that the battery will be correctly charged no matter what its condition.


Charging Data


Previously unavailable charging data is displayed on the charger during and at the end of every charge cycle. This makes problem solving much easier, be the problem in the charger, battery, or the operating environment.


Automatic Equalize


A 2 hour equalize charge is automatic after the charger has been continuously connected to the battery for 26 hours. In 7 day a week applications manual equalizing is necessary.




Construction is based on modular concept. Should a module fail an exchange module can be fitted in a few minutes. Exchange modules are readily available so that down time is greatly reduced. Three basic power module sizes are used in building up chargers. By selecting appropriate module combinations chargers of any size are possible.


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  • Model: NG12/40GCV
  • Shipping Weight: 25kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Stanbury Scarf and Lord

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