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Victron Centaur 12V 60A Battery Charger

Victron Centaur 12V 60A Battery Charger


The new Victron Centaur 12 Volt 60 Amp Battery Charger from Victron Energy has been designed to be a true world-wide product. Universal compliance and input/output specifications are cornerstone characteristics of the new range from the established Dutch manufacturer.


Designed to meet stringent marine standards, the Victron Centaur 12 Volt 60 Amp Battery Charger features auto-ranging input covering 90-265VAC 50/60Hz input meaning ot can be used anywhere in the world. Crucially, and unlike other products that state universal input, the Victron Centaur 12 Volt 60 Amp Battery Charger will maintain full output power within the entire specified range. The Centaur model will also work on 90-400VDC input, making it a perfect charging DC-DC converter in a diesel electric system.


Battery Charger Features


  • Fully automatic three stage charge characteristic that ensures batteries are fully charged every time - set and forget!
  • 3 isolated charge outputs for multi battery configurations to suit the majority of typical marine/mobile installations.
  • Flexibility; suitable for any country's electrical power supply, regardless of the quality or voltage of the mains power.
  • Temperature compensation ensuring accurate charging regardless of battery temperature.
  • IP21 blue powder-coated aluminium enclosure


Battery Charger Charging Method


The Victron Centaur 12 Volt 60 Amp Battery Charger charges at bulk rate until the output has reduced to 70 % of the rated Amps, at which a 4 hour timer begins. After the timed period the charger switches to float rate. An internal temperature sensor is used to compensate the charge voltage with 2 mV/C ( 1 mV/F) per cell. A dip switch is available to select the optimum charge/float voltages for Flooded Lead-acid, Gel or AGM batteries.


Victron Centaur 12 Volt 60 Amp Battery Charger specifications


Maximum charge current 60 amps
Default charge voltage 14.3 volts
Float voltage 13.5 volts
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions LxWxD 426x239x135 mm
Battery capacity 240 - 600 amp hours
Battery connector M8 studs


Victron Centaur Battery Charger Downloads And Manuals



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  • Model: VCC12/60
  • Shipping Weight: 5kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Victron Energy

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